I've made some more brushes which I hope you will find useful. These brushes have been designed to interact with the virtual peaks and troughs in Painter's papers in order to produce a variety of effects from any one paper used.

One aspect I have been experimenting with is to select a portion or object (with reasonable contrast) from an existing image and make this into paper using Painter's capture paper option. I then use the brushes (often in combination like a set of filters) in order to produce some new and interesting effects.

A few of the brushes are impasto based (emboss), while others include variants (2 col) which will simultaneously colour the 'peaks' one hue and the troughs another. To further give variation, it is possible to adjust the contrast slider in the paper section of the art materials palette and also to use the invert paper option and sometimes the grain slider in the controls: brush palette.

Increase the paper contrast value to effectively increase the hardness value of the dry media brush. The two-colour brushes are set up by the user manually choosing the foreground and background colours in the art materials palette.

I spent some time devising a coding system for the brushes as using them in combination could be confusing. The prefix 'L' indicates that the brush can be used directly on a layer. The FROT Hammer GRN brushes may be used indirectly on a layer to interact with media already applied to that layer.

The prefix 'P' indicates that the brush will colour the peak (or light areas of the paper as seen in the papers section of the art materials palette). The 'T' indicates that the trough (or dark paper areas) will be coloured. Absence of the P and T prefix indicates that both peak and trough will be coloured or otherwise changed.

Below is a list of the abbreviations I have used for naming the brushes;

L Layer
P Peak
T Trough
FROT Frottage (The technique of placing a textured object under a sheet of paper and rubbing the paper surface with a pencil or crayon in order to transfer some of the underlying texture to the paper surface); simulated here by pre-texturing the paper itself.
GRN Grain
Neg Negative
col Colour
2 col Two colour (peak and trough)
BLND Blend (in this case selectively picking up colour from adjacent areas and mixing it with the colour already in the trough (effectively becoming the peak if the invert paper option is later selected)
stip Stipple
cov Cover
F Fine
Fw Forward
Ba Back
X Cross
Sft Soft
w White
b Black

The Frottage Grain brushes are avaiable for Painter 6 Mac and PC and also for Painter 7.

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