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Thread: MP3 players: does the make and model of said device affect the quality of sound?

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    MP3 players: does the make and model of said device affect the quality of sound?

    I've never owned an MP3 player before. I ordered a combo MP3 player/digital voice recorder from Newegg, and it's on its way to me now.

    I'm wondering if MP3 players are like sound speakers in that the quality of sound is and can be drastically affected in large degree by the make and model of the unit itself?

    Forget about headphones: I'll note that I'm wondering about the quality of sound as the MP3 player plays music through external speakers and NOT through headphones. Just like you'd see at a birthday party or a wedding...where the music is being played for everyone to hear.
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    Yes, because all mp3 have different DACs inside of them - there is also different amps (to drive headphones/speakers), and different implementations of all of the above.

    Can you hear a difference?
    Depends on
    a) your source quality ( bitrate of mp3, or if it's lossless- flac)
    b) the quality of the mp3s DAC
    c) the quality of your speaker/headphones

    With all of that said, I doubt you will hear any difference at a party especially if you had a bit to drink
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    the biggest thing that effects it are the headphones/speakers your using, besides that comes just minute differences that most people (besides us audiophiles) don't notice. An equalizer is also a part in getting the best quality and sadly my player of choice, the zune 120, doesn't have one. I do have a smaller handheld player that plays my FLAC files though, it's Japanese and I don't even know the name of it. it was a gift from a far away friend.

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