I'm probably a bad person, cause I don't want to be nor need to be a professional artist. My main goal here is to be able to draw and paint the images and ideas that are in my very own head. References may be used and my style hopefully takes influences of the style of my favourite artist Mucha and Bauer.

However this thread is not that much about the results but more about the journey. My field of expertise lies elsewhere and I do this just for my own amusement. I think that there is no rush in this already complete world we live in. My pace might be slow every now and then, but I do appreaciate every comment and critique that I hopefully have along my long but enjoyable journey.

To put all this in perspective I introduce you some of work from my path this far. Starting from the year 1999 when I was 14.

1999, coloured pencil

2000, my first real attempt with watercolours and ink

2000, my first metal graphic work

2001, ink and coloured pencil

2001, my first watercolour work with no reference (how stupid I was)

2002, watercolour and ink

2002, watercolour, after I really realized that I don't need ink

2002, coloured pencil, my first real attempt to make a potrait that is recognizable

2003, watercolour

2003, metal graphic

2004, pencil sketch

2004, watercolour

2004, watercolour

2005, watercolour

2006, pencil sketch

2006, watercolour

2006, watercolour, still unfinished

2007, watercolour, still unfinished (this year I didn't finish anything)

2008, pencil sketch (also this year I didn't actually finish anything)

2009, watercolour, first finished piece in over two years

2009, watercolour, work in progress (I try to wash her body and paint it again. I like the bg, but hate the character. Will see will I still finish this one)

2009, pencil sketch, from yesterday (hair and face are hard)

Yours Sincerely

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