Sketchbook: Jay's Sketchbook *4-01-2012 **Free Sketchup Download on last page**
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Thread: Jay's Sketchbook *4-01-2012 **Free Sketchup Download on last page**

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    Liffey Thanks man I'll tryto! My son is keeping me busy.

    Dana_T Thank you!

    strings Thanks a lot man...I laughed out loud about the lens flare.

    Ninjerina Thanks Ningerina! Yeah the boobs were drawn from a model. The ones that I did without ref looked crappy so I used a nude...Unfortunately they still look wrong but that was kind of how they looked in real life. That's what I get for drawing exactly what was there.

    Marian Rowling Wow Marian, What very kind words you shared with me. I'm humbled and thankful.

    Wr00m Thanks Wr00m!

    cgaddict Thanks a ton CG...for everything.

    Istmin52 I know exactly what you mean Istim52. I don't have the access to have models come and pose when I feel like it. Kind of have to Frankenstein reference as best as you can unless you work from the reference and then exaggerate as needed. Keep up the'll come.

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    Jay's sketchbook

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