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    Icon Pencil art after a LONG time XD

    Hi guys, i havent drawn using a pencil for over 2 years now, tried something today..

    Inspired by Tangleworm's work, i decided to draw a robot XD

    well heres one, not yet complete :|
    well...the canvas size was A4 and i started drawing from the center lol, i didnt have enough space to do the legs, but hopefully ill edit it digitally once i get it scanned ^^

    please take a look
    Criticism, suggestions, paintovers are all welcome with a warm hug and cookies lol

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    Hm...This is an interesting character, but right here he looks a bit haphazard and flyswatted. The pose is especially confusing...What's he doing? Is he being hit in the chest? An elaborate dance? The way the legs are set up is kind of awkward as well. You may want to revise the entire pose.

    The bendy torso is an interesting segment; the strongest part of the design, I think. The rest of the design doesn't follow suit, though, and goes in several different directions...The legs look like they came from a covered-up android, the feet from a bulky Transformer, the arms from a sort of fantasy mecha, and so on. I think it'd be cool if the rest of the body parts followed a crooked-up theme to go with the chest. I'd say this has potential.

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    hey hey hey XD


    Well, i thought of giving it a girly pose (you can imagine the robot going like "nyaan" lol)
    Its still VERY rough, everything you see is like a mixture of thoughts...i didnt even imagine the charecter be4 placing the pencil on the paper, just kept drawing and joining the libs and what not XD

    anyway ill do a digi-edit tonight probably XD

    What's he doing? Is he being hit in the chest? An elaborate dance?
    lol, yes s/he's dancing

    oh and i messed up the letft leg, ist not supposed to look like that XD

    tc and have fun

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