I've been looking into getting an Intuos4 (still working off of an [ab]used Wacom Graphire) and something I've seen in the reviews that concerns me is the increased nib wear.

The Intuos4 comes with 4 different kinds of nibs:
5 "standard"
3 "felt"
1 "flex"
1 "stroke"

My question is do all of these nibs wear out faster than the Intuos3's? or is it just the Felt ones?
And which of the Intuos4's nibs is more like the Intuos3's default nib?

I've had my Graphire for years and years and never replaced the nib once, and I've heard similar testimonies for the Intuos3.
I'd rather get a tablet that's a step behind the times instead of something designed to make me buy new nibs every five minutes, you know?

I've also heard conflicting reviews about the surface, is it rougher or the same as the Intuos3?

thanks for any help!