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Thread: nimzicki's sketchbook - here to learn.

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    nimzicki's sketchbook - here to learn.

    Hi CA,

    My name is Rich and this will be my first post on CA. A little about me - I live in the UK and finished a degree in Graphic Design last year. After graduating from university I worked at a design agency as a Graphic Designer for 6 months before being redundant due to the recession. When I was younger I used to browse these forums and other digital art forums excessively but for one reason or another (laziness probably) never actually pursued my own interest in digital art.

    However, due to my job loss I have been re-introduced to my love of the world of concept art and entertainment design and since I now have a lot of spare time on my hands I have decided to throw myself into art in the hope of getting a job in this industry. I feel that starting this sketchbook will not only help me get critiques from some of the industries best but will also motivate me to keep practicing and posting my progress.

    Hopefully being 23 I am not too late in finally deciding to take up my passion for this but hey, if you don't try, you don't get.

    If you are still reading, thank you and I welcome all critique and criticism. I have had no formal training in traditional or digital art so I know I have a LOT to learn.

    Anyway, ill stop rambling and post my very first forays into digital art. Currently working on laying down values in PS and will also be throwing myself into learning anatomy.

    First portrait is my very first digital painting, should've used reference but was just eager to get something onto the screen, the other two were painted on top of a scan from my sketchbook - both sketches had ref used. As I say, these are my first ever digital paintings so any advice at this very early stage would be much appreciated.

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