The "Copy the previous photo" thread
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Thread: The "Copy the previous photo" thread

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    The "Copy the previous photo" thread

    I had a fun idea.

    It's a game called "Copy the previous photo" and we'll see if it catches on.

    Here are the rules:

    Take a photo where you try to imitate the previous photo in the thread. Remember to copy the PREVIOUS photo and not the first, original one.
    It's a bit like that game where you whisper a sentence into another persons ear, then that person passes it on and so on and so on. And then you see how the sentence has changed at the end of the line. 'Cept we're doing it with photos of ourselves.

    Comic variations are of course allowed. As long as they are minor.

    I have no idea if it will work at all, but think of it as an experiment.

    I guess I'll start then.

    Pardon the extremely crappy webcam quality. That you don't need to imitate.

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