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    Intuos loses pressure in CS3

    Ugh, I can't figure this out. Today after I opened photoshop and started working as normal, the pen suddenly lost all pressure sensitivity. This has happened repeatedly, although I can't seem to replicate the exact conditions when it occurs. As best as I can tell, when I switch between different windows on my desktop (or minimize photoshop) and then go back to CS3, pressure will usually cease to work. Changing brush setting doesn't help, only way it works is if I restart photoshop. While it is not working in photoshop, tablet drives clearly register pen pressure, I can test it in tablet properties. Tablet itself worked fine for the last few days since I got and I never had this problem before. It would lose pressure occasionally, but never consistently. Anybody ever ran into this problem, is there a solution? I'm at a loss here.
    I'm running win XP sp3 with latest updates.

    Just tried plugging in my intuos2 while this is happening, pen pressure on it works fine even while the intuos1 still won't register it in photoshop.
    So this seems to be isolated just to the intuos1 I have. Still don't know if it's an issue with software or the tablet itself.
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    My graphire loses it when I idle photoshop for too long, sometimes. Not sure if there's any correlation.

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    Hi, first of all this is a theory, this is nowhere officially announced:

    This problem will be that PS fails to load the pen pressure settings when starting up. It needs the pen pressure level signals, so if PS don't ask for the PPLs(pen pressure levels) they will won't be transmitted to PS.
    I think the link to "the question for PP" is stored in the cache memory. And when you don't use PS for a while it gets removed from the cache.
    Restarting PS might send it back and this makes it work again.
    Also when ALT Tabbing this same "question" might be resent to the cache.

    Sorry but I have no idea how you can fix the problem without restarting PS.


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