Sooo... strange stuff. I'm working in video layers for my animation and on many, many, many occasions I have copy then pasted into the frame I'm working on. Twice now in the middle of my project this has magically ceased to work and the program suddenly decides that this isn't possible anymore and and starts putting all my pastes into new layers.

Typically when copy and pasting I've been using the magic wand to get my selection, copy it, move over a frame without deselecting, then paste into the selection.

Restarting the program and reopening the file doesn't work, but this has happened to me in two separate files now at random for no apparent reason. Is there a hotkey I'm hitting that's either changing the settings or letting me paste into the active layer?

I'm assuming that any function that would let you paste into the active/selected layer should work even if it's normally used for regular layers.

I haven't been able to find the answer to this anywhere, and everyone else I've asked said that they've never gotten pasting into video layers to work but it WAS working for me for hours. Please help!