Ok I own a laptop and do all my painting/ illustrating on it with photoshop. I have a graphire classic 4 which used to run perfectly. I then invested in a cintiq 18 to use with it.

So I use the cintiq at home and the graphire when out and about.
The problem now is with the graphire. Before opening photoshop it works fine but as soon as I open photoshop the useable tablet area is cut in half. So half my tablet is the whole screen movement wise.
There are no such issues with the cintiq.

I have phoned my local wacom help centre and the worlds most unhelpful technician kept telling me that I needed to instal the latest driver software for the graphire despite me telling him that I had tried it about 5 times before ringing. He then told me he would look into it and get back to me. That was 3 months ago. I have phoned twice more to much the same result.

Can anyone shead some light as it is so frustrating trying to draw/paint on only half my tablets working surface.
Many thanks.