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Thread: Team Pterydactyl F*ckers - Sketchbook

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    Team Pterydactyl F*ckers - Sketchbook

    Hello team and observers. This nice little sketchbook is for our iterations and works in progress for the Team Chow event, kindly hosted by daestwen. More information on the event can be found here.

    Our members are follows:

    Team Assignments:
    - The drawers draw two of the characters each and the painters draw one character each. Putting a loose color block-in via multiply-layer to assist in the next step (We now have drawn 6 characters)
    - Then the painters take two of the characters that they did not draw and paint them, the drawers take one character each. (We now have painted 6 characters)
    - If we have time we do a final polish exchange where everyone picks out one of the characters they feel needs their loving touch. (We now have put extra polish on 4 prioritized characters)
    - Suggested time table: drawing turn in this Thursday (23rd), painting done by Tuesday (28th), polish pass in Thursday (30th)

    The Hero
    - Drawer: Tea Drinker -Uploaded-
    - Painter: Thabiso -In Progress-
    - Finisher

    The Shadow
    - Drawer: Troubadour - In Progress-
    - Painter: Medieve -Waiting-
    - Finisher

    The Protector
    - Drawer: Thabiso -Uploaded-
    - Painter: Teadrinker -In Progress-
    - Finisher

    The Sage
    - Drawer: Medieve -Uploaded-
    - Painter: Troubadour -In Progress-
    - Finisher

    The Technician
    - Drawer: Troubadour (passed to Medieve) -In Progress-
    - Painter
    - Finisher

    The Rabble Rouser
    - Drawer: Thabiso -Uploaded-
    - Painter: Medieve -In Progress-
    - Finisher

    Team Assignment #1

    Our first order of business is to get some stuff on here. Therefore I've asked the team to post some nice loose silhouette iterations of as many of the characters as possible by Friday, there's no minimum number of iterations per character, but I'm strongly pushing for at least one per character.

    Remember that each character is based on a strong personality basis, the iterations should begin with showing the general attitudes of the character. We're looking for strong silhouettes with a readable posture. Remember that rendering is discouraged and I'm more interested something that reads efficiently and underlines design that can be built on.

    Personality should show very strongly because the genre and in some cases, gender, are open. Good design is expected but it should support the given personality because we as designers design with an objective in mind, not because we happen to like fur lining, feathers, and leather straps. Exaggeration of the limbs, the way the clothing emphasizes a certain silhouette, texture, fabric, everything should come into play.

    Tip: While supporting elements in a design is something to keep in mind always, remember that contrasting elements might do the same if not a better job, scale is based on relativity; You can make one character look large by placing another character besides him scaled down.

    I'd like to see some work in this topic by Saturday so we can start discussing each other's designs. I'm particularly interested to see if there's similarities between character designs that come up or if some members gravitate to a certain body type (or not). Diversity is good but if designers agree on a design, signs look warmer.

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