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    C.O.W. #139 Just Eats the Skin! -- VOTING!


    Topic: Just Eats the Skin!!

    Deadline for the voting: Wednesday 23 April 2009

    Posting thread (closed):


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!

    3. No voting for your own entry!!! If a participants votes for his own entry, every member has the right to call him a stupid lame moron in this thread! And i will delete his/her vote anyway...
    4. The poll is public and everyone will be able to see who votes for whom. No self-votes.
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    Artist: Mordus

    Concept: Children of Mikhail
    The old women always knew something was strange about the Jhakes child. They were the ones who watched him play. Watched him tear the limbs off the insects. Watched him stick them back on...somehow.
    Then they watched him grow. Mikhail Jhakes was soon the finest doctor in all of Russia. Yet few would go to him, for all knew the stories. His experiments. His works. His bargains with devils. And most of all, how he built 139 twisted beasts from unholy flesh, each with a hook bolted to its arm, and how each was animated by a demon within the carcass, a Sabbat of Sheol, the 2nd Hell.
    And how these monsters, the children of Mikhail, would walk forth and scavenge the skins of dead warriors.
    Mikhail was building something.
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    Artist: dwinbotp

    Concept: Flayer Maggots
    Already on the piece, Kindly read

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    Artist: Smashed Pumpkin

    Concept: The Cruoursus

    The Cruoursus, more commonly known as the Slaughterboar, is found in remote forests and jungles. The boar enjoys a very select diet, feeding only on the skin of other creatures. Often it will simply scavenge the skin from already dead creatures, eating the skin which other predators discard and even most scavengers overlook. The boar’s scissor like fore-feet allow it to make precision cuts in the skin removing it meticulously. Cruoursi are pack creatures with a Patriarch leading the herd. There will often be a number of males competing for the position of patriarch and time not spent hunting or scavenging is spent fighting each other. As a result Cruoursi generally tend to be extremely strong and resilient, quite capable of defending themselves against attackers much larger than themselves.
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    Artist: luness
    Concept: Navalla

    A creature about the size of a domestic cat that would jump (from the ground, from trees, from anywhere) in small groups onto the back of bigger creatures to feed on their thick skins. Their saliva saves the bigger creature of infections and also ease the healing and renewal of the part that has been eaten.
    As represented in the graphics, they would use their razor-sharp lower beaks to make precise incisions, like a surgeon using a scalpel, and peel off the slices of skin with their hardened claws.

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    Concept: Quanakakramanu

    This horse sized beast preys on the soft-skinned as yet unidentified creatures that fall from the jungle canopy onto the floor, and with it's heightened sense of smell can detect a meal from miles away. Upon discovering a carcass, the Quanakakramanu, as the locals have named this scavenger, it then proceeds to feast upon it only stripping the animal of it's skin. Scientists are unsure of the purpose though it is suspected that the Quanakakramanu's skin is highly sensitive to it's surroundings and must eat regularly to stave off infection, blisters, and peeling. A late stage Quanakakramanu with advanced skin problems is a voracious scavenger and can attack live prey smaller than it.

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    Artist: Crowsrock
    Concept: Hide Grater
    A great pest on Akoltuh III. The Hide Grater plagues the big cattle beast bred on that agricultural planet.
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    Artist: Jerik

    Concept: War-Mask Pseudogriffon
    Native to the Planet of Volkeem, this predator possesses a curious instinct for feeding, instead of being dependant upon full corpses, the alternate digestive system of this extra-terrestrial Avian forces the crittor instead to flay it's victims in flight and feed upon removed skin tissue. Preying upon animals similar to the Earth rabbit, the War-Mask Pseudogriffon growing to about the size of a common Earth seagull.
    "Can't you hear it? The sound of beating drums, constant, never fading and yet always getting louder... as if getting closer and closer"

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    Red Skin Scub

    Artist: AD2012
    Concept: Red Skin Scub

    During the terraforming of the Martian surface at the end of the 21st century, large amounts of soil were sent to help with the development and acclamation of Earth-like habitats and species. It was the over oxygenation and lack of predators that lead to the infestation of the skin scub on the Martian surface. a member of the Trombicula family, originally the scub was a mutation of Earth's chiggers and mites.

    At only 5 microns at the adult stage, (shown above at 10,000x size) they are almost invisible to the naked human eye. Alone, the parasite is virtually harmless, gnawing at tiny fragments of skin. With it's fragile upper jaw hook, it tears small chunks off to eat.

    However, the venom that secretes from its bottom "jaws" is highly corrosive, and will decay the skin, much like a bedsore, leaving the exposed raw flesh of the victim. The scub in large hives can infest entire crops and fields in a matter of a day. As decay happens at a rate of 1 inch per minute after direct contact, and left untreated, many bites have been attributed to death of many terraform workers. The open raw wounds are incredibly prone to infection. At first it was thought to be a fungal infection, until their discovery late last year.

    Early signs of possible scub bite infections would be bruises that change and get darker quickly, heightened skin sensitivity, and dramatic decreases in energy. Seek immediate medical attention if any signs occur.
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    Adrian Dominic

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    C.O.W. #139 Just Eats the Skin! -- VOTING!

    Artist: Choob

    Concept: Chupatra
    Roughly the size of a house cat, these little creatures hide in the dark parts of the dense forests, on the planet Angethar. Their huge eyes and ears help them to find prey lost in the trees, and in small packs of 5 or 6 they can take down an animal that can be the size of a small horse. They have a strange liking for the skin on animals, especially humans, presumably because of the salty sweat giving the flesh a taste they are fond of.

    My first C.O.W Entry, sorry about the sizing, my computer is dying, had to restart 2 times to just scan it.


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    Artist: skullbeast

    Concept: FLUEGG
    The Fluegg is an oddity all to itself. This creature instinctively eats only the tastiest part of its meal, the skin. The Fluegg leaves the rest of the carcass for mother nature to consume. The Fluegg is a nocturnal hunter that uses an advanced sense of taste to find its prey. The Fluegg uses one of its tongues as an "outlook" tasting the air as it's fish hooked tongue rends loose "snacks" of skin while the larger rake teeth make light duty of tougher hide.

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    Smile Europa's Jellyfish

    Artist: Pantro

    Concept: Europa's Jellyfish
    Hi, this is my first COW.

    This is a deep sea jellyfish that lives in Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, it is about 5 meters long, it uses its beak to introduce a venom that is produced inside its green glands to separate the skin from the body of its victim, then uses its claws to take the meat to its mouth. After eating the skin, the body is disposed because the stomach of this jellyfish can't digest raw meat.
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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: SkinFlicker
    The colloquial name for this creature is as much for it's nature when feeding as it is for the flicker of colour that ripples across its transluscent skin when it attacks it's prey.
    The word ‘anarchy’ comes from the ancient Greek αναρχία in which αν meant ‘without’ and αρχία meant first a military ‘leader’ and then ‘ruler’. Anarchist society is one ‘without rulers’: a classless, non-hierarchical society.
    “You need people like me.
    You need people like me so you can point your grubby fingers and say, "That's the bad guy.""

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    Artist: rushwolf

    Concept: Rom-rom
    The Rom-rom's name comes from the strange sound it makes before charging its prey. Perhaps catching its breath, or some useless battle cry. With great inhales they bellow "Rohm Rohm." Gifted with neither sharp claws, keen vision, nor quick wit; the Rom-roms seem to have taken the odd forks in the road of evolution. Some say they're the ungainly cousins of killer whales, orcas, using their massive heads to ram into their prey. Or their prey's hiding spot. Once they manage to hit something, they use their horn-like hooves to savage the corpse, making it easier for their inept mouths to get a hold of the skin.

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    All righty. Choob, I'm sorry, but I had to pull you from the poll. We need to have finished work in COW, not sketches.
    AD2012: I fixed your html, and still think the pic is going to be a little on the large size for many voters' screens.
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