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    Pen pressure in Painter 11 with bamboo Fun

    Hi, this will be one of the stupids questions ever on this forum...
    However, I tried search function and tried googling, but never found exactly what I was looking for, or it wasn't clear enough...

    I'm currently working with a bamboo fun (only 512 pressure levels) and I'm trying to adjust my Size and Opacity to the pen pressure, Size works +- by adding "pen pressure" in the options menu, but when I try it with opacity; it always gives a strange and hard to work with outcome...
    For example, I need to press really, really slightly to get some color, if I press to hard their won't be showing anything. Also if I take some other settings I can only see a really dark line.
    Never I'm able to get a hue in one single line.


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    Hi Tom,


    When you set Opacity Expression to Pressure, did you check the box to the right of the Opacity Expression list of options? If so, try unchecking it and see if that helps. That box is called the Invert box and it inverts (reverses) the Expression option effect so that might be why you're getting such strange results.

    Exact names of the brush category and brush variant? In order to help you, we'll need to know. Then someone may be able to test that brush variant and figure out what's happening. I can't, because my Painter 11 trial version ran out of days.

    Have you reset your Brush Tracking? If not, that might help, too. (Preferences > Brush Tracking).


    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

    Jinny Brown
    and The PainterFactory

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    I'm currently at work, but I will test the invert box immediately when I get home, I'm guessing that will be the cause. I thought it should be checked before you were able to use pen pressure. I've never worked with painter before.

    Thnx Jinny,


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