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    TEAM CHOW ----Team Sugah Face Sketchbook

    Sugah Face

    APRIL 30th
    CHOWs are due at midnight on this date!

    Next Meeting: Sunday, April 19 1:00 /3:00/5:00

    Theme: Fantasy

    Labyrinth/Final Fantasy like in design.

    World: Undetermined. Near the Equator or Icy Tundra? Forestal world, or more modern?

    Style: ???

    Characters have been assigned:
    Protector: Jazz
    Sage: MJ
    Rabble Rouser: Dani
    Shadow: Tav
    Hero and Mechanic: everyone work on these.

    We need to get a better grasp of the theme.


    Times subject to change

    Saturday April 4th 1/3/5pm: 1st MSN meeting. Bring initial sketches.

    Work on posting references and character sketches until next meeting.

    Wednesday April 8th 4:30 /6:30/8:30: 2nd MSN meeting.
    Bring Character Sketches. Cement theme here or on Saturday.

    Saturday April 11th 1/3/5pm: Work on line drawings. Bring accessory ideas (weapons, tools, whatever.) Also bring ideas for background.

    Saturday April 18th 1/3/5pm: Final line drawings done. Move on to rendering/colouring. Bring samples of colored work! Decide colour pallet

    Saturday April 25th 1/3/5pm: Final colouring done. Work on details.

    Thursday April 30th: Final Artwork Submitted.
    Submitting the final sketches: ????

    Team Progress:

    Meeting April 4th. Everyone attended and brought some sketches to show. We talked about each of the characters and assigned characters for everyone to draw. Dani: Rabble Rouser, Tav: Shadow, MJ: Sage, Jazz: Protector.

    Character Ideas (Beacons of Shining Light):

    Hero: Possibilities: Native American, Egyptian. To be determined.

    Shadow: Quiet, probably may not be muscular. Hopelessly misunderstood. Edgy but not outwardly malicious.
    Possible References: Rorschach from Watchmen

    Protector: A strong African woman. Beautiful and calm. Strong Jawline and maybe a pronounced brow line. Possibly white hair, could be short or have dreads?

    Sage: A child or teen. We talked about this character as either a teen boy or a young girl.

    Technician: Looks to be about 18. Short and probably stout. Tech geek, machine maker, or magic user. Not lazy and very obsessed. Maybe tech or magic transport. Loves to talk. More to be determined when we solidify where everything takes place.

    Rabble Rouser: Possibly Latino. Good looking. Smoldering eyes. Dark hair. Possible references: Young Sean Connery, Michael Rosenbaulm, Michael Shanks, Surresh from Heros.

    If I forgot anything let me know!

    Splash/Mood pages to be added soon!
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