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Thread: Team ChOW - Team InsertNameHere - Sekino, vibhas_virwani, Bendragon and Yoitisi

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    Arrow Team ChOW - Team InsertNameHere - Sekino, vibhas_virwani, Bendragon and Yoitisi

    This sketchbook is going to be the log for team InsertNameHere, a place where we can post and discuss the work we've done or are going to do for the Team ChOW. Feel free to post your comments or critiques though

    I'll update this first post with the results and progress as we go along, to keep a good overview of where we are and were we are going. For the moment, it'll only contain the planning so far though:

    Planning & Deadlines

    Monday April 5: Section A: Topic/Timeframe/Style done and updated.

    Sunday April 12: Section B: Ideas done and updated.
    Monday April 13: Selection made of best ideas so far, start with working them out into more finished concepts.

    Sunday April 19: Section C: Concepts done and updated.
    Monday April 20: Selection of concepts, finishing them to final design and start on final rendering.

    Tuesday April 30: Section D: Finals done and updated, as well as posted in the finals thread.

    Process & Steps

    A: Topic/Timeframe/Style:

    This section will contain several parts that will help us to stay focused as a group and to inspire ourselves.

    1. The choice we made for the style and timeframe our characters will operate in: Arabian Pilgrimage/Caravan - Futuristic

    2. Visual style guide: Moodboards, collages, inspiring art, colorcharts and the like.

    3. Additional write up to explore the characters as given in the brief a bit more in depth, linking them together with each other and the world they walk around in.

    B: Ideas

    1. After finishing the initial style guides and write up, it's time to get some ideas out there. Thumbnails, doodles and sketches, anything to put our minds on paper goes.

    2. Choice of the most promising and/or popular ones. The style guides will be used to judge the ideas too, so if all your ideas fall outside this range you haven't paid enough attention, but if all your ideas fall safely inside this range you might not have looked far enough.

    3. Before moving on we'll evaluate on any changes and on cohesiveness of the whole range.

    C: Concepts

    1. After the evaluation, our next step is to combine the earlier ideas into more finalized concepts. Adding new ideas might be necessary too though. Again, starting out with rough sketches at first might be a good idea.

    2. End result of this phase might be ortho's for each character and maybe a start at the final rendering of the characters.

    3. Evaluating concepts to check if they all match up with each other. Only small changes are made at this point, before going into making a rendering out of each of them.

    D: Finals

    1. Start on the final rendering of each character. This is where it gets tricky, since we’re all working in a different style as artists, and also on a different level, so we might have to figure something out for this. On all the previous steps I don’t think painting skill doesn’t really matter (in fact, I think it’ll benefit us that we’re working in different styles since it means more inspiration and ideas for us all), but for the final rendering we might need to figure something out.

    2. Posting of the WIPs and Finals in the finals thread of the team ChOW.

    Who does what

    Sunday April 5 - Yoitisi: Additional write-up of the characters, more in depth story and link with our chosen background/world.
    Monday April 6 - All: Moodboards and inspiration that forms the visual guide and backbone of our style, as well as the first sketches to explore the topic.

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