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    Icon IDW #97: Stealth Tank - Voting

    IDW #97 Topic: Stealth Tank

    Deadline for voting: Monday, April 13

    No voting for your own entries! I repeat, no voting for your own entries

    Give critiques and comments, we're all here to learn from each other!

    Original thread: IDW #97: Stealth Tank

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    stealth tank

    its a stealth tank, that can drill beneath the ground and place a bomb under the enemy base. stealthy ej?
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    Although the Navy and Air force have had stealth platforms since the 1970s, the army had nothing in it's inventory that utilized the fruits of stealth development since that time. The closest the Army came to utilizing stealth technology was the "GIGAS" type full combat armor- and even then it was so impractical in deployment that it was only restricted to Special operations units.

    Then in 2028, developments in levitation technology made possible the ability to float a heavy chassis up to five tons without significant loss of mobility. While the applications for levitators were obvious, the United States Army decided to capitalize on this Black Project result by combining it with the latest in Direct Energy Weapons. This was Codenamed "Amble Deer" by the Pentagon.

    "Amble Deer" began development in 2028, and was contracted between Lockheed Martin (Leading stealth designers since the early 2000s) and the upstart company Daidin, an in-house Government agency which had built up success around the UACV Stealth fighter "Mimas". The prototype for the "Amble Deer" Platform was constructed at an undisclosed location and delivered to the Dugway proving ground for testing. The new platform, code-named "Obsidian" (after its geometric shape and the fact that it was a tank), conducted 150 successful test firings at the site. The Obsidian firing tests are believed to account for 30% of the "UFO" sightings in Early 2031.

    "Obsidian" was concluded as a viable test platform and deployed to a classified special ops unit, where it saw deployment during the Second Middle Eastern War. Undisclosed to the public, many attributed the damages caused by the Obsidian to be the result of the Experimental British "Lynx" Laser Tank, then undergoing testing. The Obsidian remained classified until President Ligaman revealed its existence in a press conference- forcing the Pentagon to unveil one of their most secret (and successful) projects. Since then the "Obsidian" has been deployed to functional Army units and despite being known, it has lost none of its effectiveness.

    The Obsidian basically functions as a sniping vehicle. With low heat emissions, no left behind tracks, and no projectile to be traced to the target, the Obsidian is the perfect anti-vehicle platform utilized by the army. Although it has little in the way of stealth against the naked eye, the Obsidian is virtually invisible to other detection systems.

    Fantastic as it is, the Obsidian does have a number of drawbacks for an early stealth platform. Key among them is the fact that the Obsidian must remain stationary to fire- and when it does, it gives off a radical heat bloom at the time of firing. Further, because the Laser is integrated into the chassis (the KXK-993 Laser System is too cumbersome to be mounted in a turret) the unit cannot move in one direction and fire in another. Nevertheless, the platform does have a 30 degree angle of latitude when firing from the forward axis.

    Even as late as 2039, the Obsidian Tank has remained a staple in the United States Armed forces. So far there are no plans for an immediate replacement, even though several conceptual, functional "Stealth Tank" demonstrators have been unveiled in the United States, Great Brittan, and Germany. Some believe the Russians are also attempting to create a Stealth tank to retain parity with developments by the United States.

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    Dubbed “Rat”, Recon & Assault Tank emerged as a response to a new progressively demanding mission spectrum of modern warfare in the form of a high-performance reconnaissance and assault armored vehicle providing increased survivability and stealth. It is primarily designed to be deployed for low profile and surprise attack missions.

    Thanks to its innovative V shaped structure, RAT offers a unique level of protection for a vehicle in its weight class.

    Rat carries a crew of four along with complement of weapons, equipment and supplies.

    Its compact form also makes it internally transportable in military airlift aircrafts.

    Latest advanced radar absorption materials encasing its armor make it invisible to enemy radars.

    The vehicle uses a hybrid propulsion system. Its diesel engine powers a generator which in addition to an onboard fuel cell deposits accumulated energy to the storage module which can provide power to the high-torque electric motor during a silent running operational mode for reduced thermal signature or it may be used to power surveillance, communication, targeting etc. at remote locations.

    It does not produce any emissions drastically lowering the possibility of its detection.

    Instead of conventional tracks with metal plates, RAT uses high-tech rubber tracks thus significantly lowering the level of noise. Apart from the sound damping role, these rubber tracks also improve the mobility (decreased weight allows for wider tracks which results in improved traction and superb mobility), reduce the total weight of the vehicle, vibrations, the damage to mechanical health of the vehicle, crew and road. On top of everything else, rubber tracks improve the fuel economy by 1/3.

    The vehicle’s weapon station is remotely controllable and can be armed with machine gun, minigun or grenade launcher.

    One of Rat’s most unique features is certainly the centrifugal turret gun which not only provides overwhelming firepower exploiting the reactive centrifugal force (spraying its shots within a span of less than 10 milimeters apart delivering shots to the target with an unmatched mass) but also operates in stealth fire mode.

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    The ST.097 'NIGHTCRAWLER'.

    This modern vehicle serves as in-battle-transport,insert and evacuation device for commando units or special forces. 4 of them have transport cells on the flanks, maybe 6 or even 8 if they like it tight.

    For working with the commando unit during the mission, the tank works as mobile commando base, as heavy fire support and guardian device.Also it can fullfill special roles as assasination missions as mobile sniper base.

    The role shape is very specialized, so this tank has flexibel modules to fit best to its mission. Beside the main turret gauss gun (as usual) this exemplare here has a anti-aircraft minigun turret and a sniper hole. For wider tasks its armed with two rocket launchers, which usually will be armed with rocket propelled smoke grenades or flashbangs. Last but not least, we have a machine gun device to take infantery on the street in fire.

    The 3 chain rotation device is able to change the max height of the tank and cooling systems minimaze heat emmisions.The surface is radar absorbing and will be upgraded with a thermo-optical stealth suit; as soon as thermo-optical camouflage will be invented. the tank chains are surfaced with special gum, through intern heaters its thickness got changeable for minimazing sound emmission.

    For gaining independance in long missions there is a solar panel in the rear end, which of cause can be moved into tank body like the turrets and we hear roumors about sumthin like water+oxygen recycling units; maybe also placed in the rear end.

    It's used by the '097. REITEREI DIVISION', a so called cavallery division of the neoprussian anarcho-syndikalists in the very late 21st century.

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    My entry.

    The M-18 "Panther" Stealth Tank was developed in a joint project between GE and DARPA as a link between Special Operations forces on the ground in need of heavy support during infiltration missions. It specializes in covering vast stretches of terrain undetected by radar or the unaided eye. It combines 20th century stealth design with 21st century adaptable camouflage plating. The thickness of this armor plating is classified, although rumored to be slightly below average marks. It's main loss is artillery. While its range is shorter than the M1-Abrams tank, it also exhausts ammunition faster. It's not made for front-line combat, but speedy, stealth infiltration, evac, and transportation of spec-ops squads. The Panther is able to move at 55 kilometers per hour. Fear factor is low, as few have ever been seen, and there are very few in production or use. It is also able to support troops in a pinch by surprising the enemy up close, but is optimally used for hit and run tactics. In urban warfare, a squad can use it as cover, concealment, and stealthy transportation. The engines are surrounded by high tech sonic dampers, they act aural 'sponges' absorbing any sound produced by the powerful engines needed to move this behemoth. The engine can only be heard within a 6 inch range.

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    Torreto HC-2 Stealth Tank

    Stealth Tank – Torreto HC-2
    Miguel Lopez - ASU Industrial Design junior
    current art

    I tried to make my tank cool despite the toilet seat resemblance. I used existing to near-existing technology, researching numerous sites as cited below. I’ve seen everyone else’s tank so far and look awesome! Enjoy!

    Incoming radar beams are detected, storing that data, duplicating it, and sending it back. This process cancels out the prior signal, telling the source that sent out the signal that there’s nothing there.
    Audio is also duplicated and absorbed. It is channeled to the center of the tank and absorbs all sound waves, eventually canceling out. The rest of the sound is inverted, channeling it out as an equal. This technology exists in sound-protection safety earmuffs found in the web.

    Exterior armor--------------
    Every panel is angular to avoid radar detection (Stealth F-117 does this as well). Since radar needs to bounce back to its source to pick up the movement/object, by reflecting this image back at an irregular angle, it will not reach the source, hence avoiding detection.
    Radar absorbent paint (matte colors) to avoid the bouncing of radar signals.
    Radar absorbent triangular-shaped crystals beneath the exterior, bouncing the signal around until death. The Stealth plane uses this technology under its own skin.

    The gun turrents and other weapons are either concealed, like the gun turrets in the front "arms" and the big cannon at the front center area.
    Interior heat-seeking defense mechanism- when a heat-sinking trajectory/missile is found, the system then channels most of the tank’s heat towards other parts of the tank. The missile follows this heat towards a less tender area on the tank to avoid destruction.
    Invisibility “cloak” cells, placed on the exterior, creates a “Predator” effect. It works by using future nano-technology. Nano cells are placed in various areas of the exterior, almost draped on. When moving towards an enemy, the cells pick up images from behind the tank, channeling and displaying that image at the front of the tank, making it “invisible”. This technology is almost here.

    References 637988
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    <briefing in progress>

    Code Name: Ambush

    The most effective predatory device (detection and destruction) of tanks is aircraft and the most important design feature of the Ambush is the flat surface facing upwards so any radiation emitted from above that plane would be deflected away from the source. Thus the Ambush effectively counters radar detection and guided air to ground missiles. Sources of detection on the ground are also a threat. The surfaces below the top plane work equally as well against electronic detection and guided weapon devices emanating from below that plane (ground level). To assist in avoiding detection while moving the Ambush also features a liquid nitrogen heat signature reduction and an internal dust trail signature filter is available below the tank while the tracks and track skirts are out.

    While moving, the Ambush's ability to avoid radar detection is incredible; while in Hibernation Mode, the Ambush is undetectable by conventional means. The tank is able able to perform its battlefield roll by moving into position and waiting undetected before launching its attack. However, the Ambush can only be used in conjunction or as the vanguard of a coordinated attack with more conventional units. The Ambush is most effectively used at long range from an unsuspecting flank or the rear, destroying key components of the enemy force in order to sew panic into the enemy before the regular units take advantage of the enemy's disarray. The tank sacrifices so much in mobility and speed for its design and onboard technologies, that it lacks the proficient means to extricate itself from a close-up fray, where its stealth technologies do no good. Some particular weaknesses of the Ambush are foot and small mounted units (jeeps and dune buggies) or any other unit that does can rely on sight detection and has excellent mobility.

    <end transmission>

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    April 04, 2039

    For years the race has been on for the top of the line weapon, specifically in the form of mobile infantry. The day has come . . . Envisioned here is the combination of hundreds of great minds. A combination of our state of the art stealth technologies and NASA’s Ion Propulsion Thrusters we can now enter the battle field smoothly, quietly, and most important without being seen by radar.

    Many different technologies go into the stealth of this mobile giant to insure it remains undetected by radar such as proper heat dispersing, new RAM (Radar absorbent material) specialized coating, intense sound proofing, and etc.

    From 1906 when Dr. Robert H. Goddard first theorized about Ion thrusters to when he created the first one in 1917, to NASA’s first Ion Thruster build by Harold R. Kaufman in 1960, we have been pressing ourselves to make it stronger and better. The power exerted by these thrusters has been constantly increasing as our understanding in this field of study has increased. After almost 100 years of research, NASA has pushed these Ion Thrusters to the max. We are now able to produce thousands of pounds of thrust which gives our new vehicle the ability to hover at a max height of 10 feet of the ground, which in turn makes many of the roughest terrain now accessible.

    I present to you our first stealth tank.
    "The greatest obstacle to discovery isn't ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge."

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    The first Directed Energy Weapons began appearing on battlefields across the Middle East and Central Asia in 2015. Early on, the laser cannons had to be tethered to enormous generators, and were used defensively, knocking artillery rockets and mortars out of the sky. These weapons had a large footprint, and made for an attractive(and expensive) target.

    It was only in 2019, when non-replicating nano-science really began to come into it's own, that the DEWs could be mated with much more powerful and long-lasting batteries, allowing them to move around. Around the same time, nano-materials made leaps and bounds, and it became possible to apply a layer of pseudo-paint which would bend visible light around it, making the object underneath appear to be made of glass.

    Thus, the M-23 Rapier Close In Weapons System was born. Nearly invisible to the naked eye and most instrumentation, utilizing a 225 Kilowatt solid-state laser from Raytheon, and mated to a tracked chassis capable of traveling at 55 MPH, the first Rapiers protected installations day and night, achieving a 97% kill rate against incoming munitions.

    It is only in the last few months that local commanders have allowed Rapiers to operate "outside the wire," and take the fight directly to guerrilla fighters. The effect of the 225 kw laser on lightly armored group troops is devastating.

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    Whoo, made it in time! ...i guess?
    Well, here´s mine!

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    As usual some notes on this round:

    First of all, good to see a couple more entries in here. Guess it was a good thing I kept the round open for a bit longer.

    Secondly, I must say though that quality-wise most of you have invested more time in writing a background rather than the actual design and rendering of the concept. While I did specifically ask for a description, this doesn't mean the final drawing can be sketchy and unfinished. I haven't kept anyone from poll this time, but I could've easily cut half for quality reasons this time.

    Again, I have to warn people for using 3D programs as a crutch rather than a helpful tool. There's a few 3D paintovers in here that should have had some more though as far as the design goes, as well as more work in the actual rendering of the concept.

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    I voted for Teh Gosu because I felt his design was really thinking out of the box, instead of making a usual stealthy or invisible tank he pretty much played with the word stealth.. which could also mean undetectable. Also love the cute and stylized look of it.

    Vyse would be a very close second because I feel his feels most finished in terms of design and rendering.
    "Everything you draw has a chance of becoming a masterpiece, so put your all into everything you draw."


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    vyse because his tank looks badass and stealthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoitisi View Post
    No voting for your own entries! I repeat, no voting for your own entries
    *cough* Teh_Gosu...

    Let me know where else to place your vote and I'll correct it

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