I am looking for a pixel artist who can create an interesting and dark world for a free downloadable game. The game is going to serve as a prototype for what could become a full game. If this game were to evolve that way, then there would be the opportunity to get paid for your future work.

The game is best described as a platformer. I envision the art to feature colorful backgrounds with dark silouette style sprites and foreground objects (please see games like Feist http://www.playfeist.net/ or Night: http://nicalis.com/#/games/ to get an idea of the direction I would like to go). While I think that art style will work well for my game, I am VERY open to other ideas. I will not need many assets and would love to work with someone interested in games who can contribute to this little prototype.

Currently, I am in need of platform tiles (32x32) and a main character (24x24) but will also probably need some other little pixel pieces as I move along in the prototype.

I am an experienced indie game developer who will complete the project and get your work seen and publicized. I look forward to finding someone passionate to work with.

you can PM me or email gradgames[at NOSPAM]gmail[dot it]com