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    Ah so that's you're supposed to do it....

    Brilliant work man, always a fan.

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    Very nice work, i like your grayscale pieces.
    My Portfolio :

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    Simply awesome work Kekai! Your work is totally inspiring! Can't wait to see more! Do you use Painter as well in some of these, or is it all Photoshop?

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    Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing.

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    holy fuckers! incredible stuff man!

    cheers for sharing

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    the last one is just amazing! good work.

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    I didn't know you were Prostate Sunrise! too funny. And awesome work. (Looking forward to the book cover for us!)
    Irene Gallo
    The Art Department (blog)

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    thats a strong collection of work. thanks for sharing mate

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    Hey man, awesome stuff. Nice article and tuts on ImagineFX by the way. I still look at it now for reference. 5 stars.

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    Here we go...

    Poshspice - Thank you very much! Glad you like that piece. It's an old favorite and I'm happy that it is getting such positive responses.

    mike (sorry dude can't type that name) - F yeah! I'll be down in SF again.

    mariusz - Haha, thanks!

    sony - Thank you! I have always loved character work.

    cbonura - Thank you, I have been trying to work on my environment stuff.

    Kroamer - Thank you!

    Ben - Great meeting you, even if it was brief. Yeesh, you should have said "Hawaii" and we would have talked way more then we did. I'm always down to hang out with folk from the rock.

    Extollere - Thank you!

    MrSmith - I don't know if I'm the man...but thanks all the same!

    RES - Thank you!

    Wasker - Thank you, and it was a surprise to learn that.

    Darjan Jurincic - Thank you!

    Fellah. - Hey man, thank you, always good to hear from you.

    Chupacabra - Thank you man, I'm hope everything is doing well for you.

    Theking78 - Thank you!

    walnut - Why thank you very much! Haha I have never been called class...oh you're talking about my art

    nellement - Thank you!

    orlando omega - Thank you!

    DStraX - thank you for the compliment!

    marco nelor - haha, thanks man. Hope to meet again someday, had a wicked time in dallas. tell the guys i said wussup!

    Nokill - Thank you!

    Ahim - Thank you!

    jhofferle - Thank you for noticing..something i've been trying do in my work for quite some time now.

    Carnifex - Thanks buddy, nice to see you again.

    Duman - Thank you, I have a couple processes left over from some freelance work. I'll post them as soon as i can.

    Nubb - Thank you for the kind words.

    Jorge Gecov - thank you!

    DonnieL - Thank you!

    Lotet - Thank you!

    twest - Thank you tyler! someday you need to explain to me how you got the rights to guild wars...

    DanielC - thank you, and same back! You are a talented mutherfukker.

    smokenmirrors - Thank you, no i did not show work. i was keeping a low profile (as if I had a profile to begin with..) I did see you working on that zombie-cowboy, nice work!

    lewiston - Thank you for your kind words.

    adconcept - Thank you! and please don't cry.

    Beelow - Thank you very much!

    Tortuga - Thank you!

    Magnethead - Thank you!

    drd - Thank you very much!

    D@niel - Thank you very much, I like your work btw.

    Olof - Thank you! Good to see you again after so long.

    rasta-art - thank you!

    Alexander K - Thank you very much, glad you like that piece...I really should have done more with it, but it was something I whipped up on the side.

    lordbiernac - Thank you for the compliment!

    Hyaloclastics - Thank you! Probably due to the fact its my favorite part of the body to life draw...need to work on that.

    Darktwin - Dude it was great to meet you! keep up the hard work and kick ass!

    xchosun1x - Always great to hear from you james, thank you very much for the kind words!

    Dougbot - you spent some serious time on your avatar! nudge nudge wink wink...and thanks man.

    alti - Thank you very much, great to see you.

    jabraniho - thank you!

    Pavel Sokov - haha, caught me. for like a 5 month period all i could draw was that dude, he sort of became my personal version of conan.

    Seven.H - thank you!

    Mikko K - it was a great pleasure to meet you. Had a blast in dallas. Hope to see more of your work in the future.

    Interceptor - Hey whats up? thank you very much for the compliment.

    nonie - Great meeting you too! love your work.

    nashmov - Thank you!

    Capprotti - Thank you very much man! Haha, got a lot crap just collecting dust right now.

    Bomba - Dude it was great finally to talk to you. We'll meet up again in the future. and thank you for the kind words.

    Janu Flores - Hey what up dude! I'll try make down to San Diego this year.

    Just a Number - Thank you!

    Max Challie - Thank you fro the kind words. and yes I did that one.

    Studio Colrouphobia - Thank you, I am always on the look out for cool watercolor art.

    csteingart - Thank you! and I posted the maleficent piece

    John Bridges - Thank you very much, and I'll try and post when I can.

    Mavor - thank you for looking!

    Texahol - great to meet you person, and thank you for the kind words.

    Benjaminba - thank you!

    HunterKiller - Thank you very much!

    kischi - thank you!

    Kian - thank you very much, you do great work btw.

    steak-tron - haha i love you man

    Chuck,mate. - Thank you for the kind words, good to see you again.

    `ej - Thank you!

    Bill - Yeah some of these were in the imagineFX mag I was featured in. Thank you for the kind words

    Imaginary - Thank you very much!

    Mandryk - Thank you for stopping by! I have been a long time fan of your work.

    Gregg - thank you!

    AndyParkArt - Thank you very much, you already know how much i love the work you do. I use photoshop. never could get into painter.

    Allenstergess - Thank you!

    krossj - Thank you!

    SoulHacker - thank you very much!

    Irene Gallo - Haha, I have been trying to live this name down for a while now...but i just can't let it go. It was very nice to meet you, and I am working on that cover..thank you for giving me something i can really sink my teeth into!

    Thaw Naing - thank you!

    Jie Kageshinzo - thank you very much, I happy you find them so helpful.

    shit.. i should have responded sooner. got a couple more images on the first page.

    And thank you everyone for the kind response.

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    Thanks for sharing man. It was great to finally put a face to the name and meet you in Dallas. Grats on Spectrum, and Guild Wars looks fantastic.

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    shit dude, that stuff is tight. Dynamic as hell, the wing armor and sheriff are sweet designs.
    S S G 2 9
    -Fishspawn-Blue Severin- rayk-

    You're an artist, not a meat camera. -Elwell

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    sexy stuff bro

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    ace man, I love your stuff.

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