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    Andrew's Art Dump -update 10-24-2014


    I'm consolidating all my old posts into one thread and posting some new stuff as well. Critique/input is always welcome.


    This is my second giraffe. I made it out of transmission parts, electrical conduit, and plumbing pipe. All the joints rotate and lock. Turning a removable crank on the Giraffe's side raises the neck. Lifting the tail releases a catch and lowers the neck. It's about 6 feet tall and it took about 80 hours to build.

    Attachment 1257505

    Attachment 635358

    Attachment 635349 Attachment 635350

    My first try at an elephant. It weighs in at a finger crunching 110 pounds and is about 36 inches long and 33 inches tall. The trunk is cable operate, the ears move and flare, the tusks raise and lower and all the leg joints can rotate and lock in place.

    Attachment 635362

    Attachment 635365

    Attachment 635370

    Attachment 635373

    Attachment 635375 Attachment 635367

    Attachment 635381

    I'll post more tomorrow

    This is a conference table I made for Richter 7, an ad agency in Salt Lake City. It's roughly based on the an early steam engine designed by James Watts. It's sixteen feet long and 5 feet wide at the center and weighs more than I care to think about. I made it out of transmission parts, angle iron, plate steel, conduit, pipe, brake drums, and a helium tank from Costco for the boiler.

    Attachment 635885

    Attachment 635886

    Attachment 635889 Attachment 635890

    Attachment 635892

    more later

    I made this bookcase for one of Richter 7's partners. It's 10 feet tall and weighs well over 1000 pounds. I bolted it together in the guy's office, collected seven or eight of the burliest guys in the company, and by lifting in unison like Amish barn raisers, we managed to heave it up against the wall.

    Attachment 636344

    I made this tank out of a spray paint can, plumbing fixtures, threaded rod, concrete anchors, a propane tank, and transmission parts.

    Attachment 636349

    Attachment 636350

    Attachment 636352

    More tomorrow

    These next shots are from "Timmy", an unpublished book I wrote and illustrated.

    Attachment 637134

    Attachment 637135

    Attachment 637136

    Attachment 637137

    Attachment 637138

    Attachment 637139

    More tomorrow
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