For those who haven't checked it out yet, Jordu Schell is hosting a (semi)weekly podcast called N.E.R.D.cast. We have been posting them regularly in our blog/homepage on You can also subscribe through the website or here:

N.E.R.D. stands for Not Especially Renowned Dorks, and it is essentially industry professionals talking about anything and everything nerdy. Regulars include: Michael Norman (Toy Sculptor), Mark Villalobos (sculptor, all around effects guy), Norman Meyers (screenwriter, sculptor), Paul Komoda (illustrator, sculptor), and I, myself (professional loser and trainspotter), have been on most episodes.

This Friday I will be posting a new episode with very special guest (and hopefully regular) Gabriel Koerner, who was the featured nerd in the film "Trekkies" as well as the Star Trek geek on "Beat the Geeks" as well as computer graphics professional on such films as "Speed Racer" and the upcoming "Avatar".

Next week, expect a special "on the road" episode, which we recorded at Mask-fest with some very special surprise guests.