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    Red face First try on colors!

    Ok guys, i never had done a color piece before, so i decided to start with the basics, color pencils and pastel, and tha'ts what come up

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    Since this is a first try, maybe it belongs in the Critique Center.

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    It is a first try, it is not quite FF quality (IMO), and it's not close to finished. Why post it here?

    You should add subtle tones over the whole face. Almost everywhere is covered by some degree of tone. It's mostly reflection of light in the face (e.g. nose) that will allow you to leave the white of the paper. Almost everything will have at least some tone, no matter how subtle.

    Also, start out as light as possible and only add darker tones later.

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    i like this quite a bit. not perfect by any means, but still has a lot of things going for it.

    the simple color palette is grabbing a lot of attention and working well in a graphical sense, although the stroke is sometimes creating implied textures that do not belong (the pink glare on the neck namely is getting a strange textural effect)

    the hair also looks a whole lot like a wig, which makes me think this is a balding girl who has some weird terminal disease and is dolled up for one last night of fun, and its really taking me out of the picture. the reason for this is due to how the hair is treated as a solid shape. you wan tto depict volume while having the suggestion of individual strands without looking like a hair-shaped helmet.

    as far as anatomy goes, it all seems a bit wide, and the ear is needing reference.

    good stuff, good stuff.

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    I'd suggest some more experimentation with more colors. It'll make her look less, well, dead. There are LOTS of colors in skin, lots of fun colors in shadows. Palest blue on the skin under the eyes, warm coral on ears, hints of violet and green in shadows. Be brave!

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