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Thread: IDW #97: Stealth Tank

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    Icon IDW #97: Stealth Tank

    IDW #97: Stealth Tank

    Topic: Stealth Tank

    Background: Fairly simple topic, interpret as you like. Come up with a feasible design though, the stealth ability will have it's costs in either speed, armament or armor. Also, why does it need stealth abilities and what role does this tank play on the battlefield?

    This round will therefore need a description and background story behind your concept (and it would be good to think of this before you go into designing it, rather than jotting down a story after the event happened )

    1. Design and draw a Stealth Tank.
    2. That's it... now draw!

    Deadline: Saturday, April 04

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    Oh one more thing, I won't be around until April 2 probably, since I'll be at the MB Workshop in Dallas this weekend. So, any questions won't be answered until then probably, but I didn't want to skip another week with IDW

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    Sounds cool. Not sure I can come up with a suitable image though. I keep thinking if the stealth is on, it is invisible and if it is off, it's just a tank. Lol.

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    Couple wiki links:

    Few thoughts here, one its a tank, and it doesn't need to be invisible to everyone (allies) so communication is something to be considered, a couple of things to consider as well,

    no to low heat signature (engine and exhaust, outter material and personnel and equipment included) same for its rockets or any propelled weaponry. Heat is one of the best and easiest ways to target acquisition, its machine vehicle so it more then likely generates a heat signiture, infrared censors are relatively cheap to anyone. So rethin of the engine and housing and emissions systems and surface cooling are some ideas.

    Low to no radar foot print, something with modern aircraft steal tech, it uses a mix of angular (cornered) skin along with absorption material to reflect away from or absorb the electromagnetic pulse from radars. This as from what i ve seens
    is actually taken from the Tank itself, old designs of the tank use angled armor to deflect rounds (direct hits or kill shots) and prevent the tank from a breach, they also used a absorption like method of impacting rounds (its like a skin over top of the armor plating, shaped like bees cone that would break up disbursing the rounds energy over a larger area, preventing a breach), i think it was the modern United Kingdoms Centurion that uses a highly classified system such as this, but the first and older models form WW2 used similar ideas.

    Acoustic and overall visual stealth, the noise the tank makes is important to mask as well, since it's usually a metal and tracked design there are external moving parts including its turret, also its personal and equipment, its no good if the enemy can't see your but can hear you, so all moving parts should be as silent as possible, some sort rethink of suspension mite be in order as well as how it actually moves, wether track systm is used or not noise reduction is top of the list.

    Overall shape is important as well, less surface too track either by radar or other visual means, low silhouette is important, also colors, obviously you don't want a bright pink tank, so depenting on the situation, darker for night, be terrain conscious and decide what color schemes to pick, theres also the thought of a chameleon type paint and optical shifting paint or skin to change as the terrain does(since this isn't sci-fi i dunno, but im sure some where they are developing it), and there's more conventional camouflage patterns to consider using. Maybe even simple covering designs like a gilly suit snipers wear, but using while its mobile and self changing as the terrain changes.

    Depending on its uses one or more have to be included, range is a factor as well, it can be as big as a house but shoot from half a world away, no one saw it or can detect it but still felt it , so arsenal is a big one, if its in your face metal meats flesh, they not being seen is a good idea, also fear factor, when the tank was first developing it literally made armies surrender with out a shot(WW2), the idea of a large mobile weapon was and still is terrifying to most, and the noise back then, it sounded like nothing they'd ever hear, like a big ol' metal dragon. So a overly opposing design and how fast you get there can be like stealth. You aren't there, then you're there, they can't do much and in larger numbers. Also where it moves is another idea, underground for instance would be neat.

    Hmm i think that's all i have for 2 am, sounds really cool though.
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    Rushwolf - LMFAO... i love it man..that pic says it all. Hands down!

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    Stealth Bombers aren't invisible guys.

    Come on now.

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    Here's the story behind my stealth tank:

    The first Directed Energy Weapons began appearing on battlefields across the Middle East and Central Asia in 2015. Early on, the laser cannons had to be tethered to enormous generators, and were used defensively, knocking artillery rockets and mortars out of the sky. These weapons had a large footprint, and made for an attractive(and expensive) target.

    It was only in 2019, when non-replicating nano-science really began to come into it's own, that the DEWs could be mated with much more powerful and long-lasting batteries, allowing them to move around. Around the same time, nano-materials made leaps and bounds, and it became possible to apply a layer of pseudo-paint which would bend visible light around it, making the object underneath appear to be made of glass.

    Thus, the M-23 Rapier Close In Weapons System was born. Nearly invisible to the naked eye and most instrumentation, utilizing a 225 Kilowatt solid-state laser from Raytheon, and mated to a tracked chassis capable of traveling at 55 MPH, the first Rapiers protected installations day and night, achieving a 97% kill rate against incoming munitions.

    It is only in the last few months that local commanders have allowed Rapiers to operate "outside the wire," and take the fight directly to guerilla fighters. The effect of the 225 kw laser on lightly armored groud troops is devastating.

    Pics soon.
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    made some sketches for sumthin like diamond-shaped tank, working as heavy 'till medium infantery transport vehicle.
    it's made for transport of commando units deep into or even behind the battlezone, working as mobile base and fire support for them.
    there are 1 main turrent and 2 secondary ones, 2 missile launcher sidearms and maybe i'm going to install sum minigun or machine gun underside of cockpit (or so called 'warhead', cockpit = warhead, lol). also there are 6 infantery cells and a solar panel for resting long in the desert or stuff.

    i concepted it for both specialisation and flexibility,which will be reached by modular tank shape.

    (in my eyes tanking in sense of taking one's fire and move the frontline forward doesn't make much sense while being stealthed, so i seached for other ways.)

    yoitisi: How strict shall we stick to classical tank definition? in germany this is a so called 'schuetzenpanzer', main battle tanks are called 'kampfpanzer';so in german this would be a tank (panzer) without a doubt. but how it is in this creepy english language?

    this is it

    IDW #97: Stealth Tank

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    So to clarify, does this have to be a relatively plausible design or can it include some sci-fantasy technologies (Fusion engines, anti-gravity, etc.)?

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    Usually these Weekly activities are relatively open, as long as you follow the main rules and it's somehow related to the topic it's acceptable. So don't worry too much whether or not it is plausible to current technology, it could probably be powered by fairies if you want it to be. Bring on the Legend of Zelda Tank !


    some Tanks:
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    Wooooo! thought I'd get in on this. Seemed like an interesting concept.

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