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Thread: Teen Challenge Mailing/PM list.

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    Teen Challenge Mailing/PM list.

    Hello everyone,

    I've been seeing a lot of requests made by people who like a PM about new things in the Teen Challenge, wether its information about the extended deadline or when theres a new challenge.

    As a result I came up with the idea of a mailing list, it's pretty straightforward, if you post here, I will inform you, by pm or e-mail, of any updates regarding Teen Challenge. Not only Teen Challenge participants can enter this list. If you would be kind enough to spend a minute of your time to vote, i will also send you a mail that the poll had been made!

    Please state if you want to be Pm'ed or E-mailed.

    THE List

    Now get drawing!
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    Hmm sounds like alot of fuss around your part to email/pm loads of people no?

    What about making the Teen Chalenge rules more strict and planned out so everyone can know what to expect the next few days.

    About the deadline issue make it planned out right from the begining or at least with that people already know when thigns are going to hapen so they only have to remember no? Not so hard to remember things...

    Just a thougt tho.

    Take much care.
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    I agree with Lionese. It is rather simple to just click on the Teen Challenge threads. Honestly I do not know why people would want to be pm'ed if there's an extension to a deadline or a new challenge. It is quite easy to take a few seconds of your time to check the actual threads for updates.

    I respect your position and appreciate your will to action, but I do not think it necessary for you to hunker down and start updating people, via pm's and e-mails, whenever there is something new in Teen Challenge.

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    I agree with what has already been said and would like to bring attention to something Lionese suggested. "What about making the Teen Chalenge rules more strict and planned out so everyone can know what to expect the next few days." I believe that if the Teen Challenge worked on the same schedule as the other community activities and was more explicit and strict in its structure, you would not have these stated problems and more people would be inclined to participate. Making the system even more esoteric is a step in the wrong direction.

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