I need help with my first commisioned design--URGENT please HELP
So, i have my post card i have designed for a winery which plans on printing hundreds of by next weekend.
The printing company they use is over night prints

here are the specs i need to make for my postcard which i have already finished, but need to size it to these specifications.


incase that link didnt work, its:

Resolution 300dpi
Bleed size 1/16"
Image Size 5.627" x 8.627"
1688px x 2588px
You may upload a number of different file types, .TIF, .PDF, .JPG .EPS, and .AI (Version 8 or lower). Just make sure you follow the specs for layout.

I created my postcard using Photoshop Elements 6.0 since it was very simple.

On my computer i also have Corel Painter X and Microsoft Picture it! If those are needed to resize.
If some one could walk me through all the steps to check, change, check again, and triple check that everything is correct before i submit this to the website.
because if i get it wrong, i will be in a deep pile of....

Thanks you, i will be checking back very often every day, and replying to your responses.
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