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    C.O.W. #137 CNN Breaking News: Life Found on Titan! --VOTING


    Topic: CNN Breaking News!! Life Found on Titan!!

    Deadline for the voting: Friday 3 April 2009

    Posting thread (closed): C.O.W. - #137 CNN Breaking News! Life Found on Titan!!!


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!

    3. No voting for your own entry!!! If a participants votes for his own entry, every member has the right to call him a stupid lame moron in this thread! And i will delete his/her vote anyway...
    4. The poll is public and everyone will be able to see who votes for whom. No self-votes.
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    Artist: LEGE1

    Titanian Feroci is an alien predator creature living in solitude within the solar systems second largest moon, Titan of planet Saturn. The Titanian Feroci is equipepped anatomically to be well adapted to either extreme hot and cold circumstances and uses it's helmet like head arrangment to neutralize and control its body temperature and is also an aquatic species. Titanian Feroci is extremely territorial and feeds on just about anything it can come across. It is a species that plays the role of being prisoner to Titan, until of course humans go and tamper with it and unleash it on accident here on Earth. Until that day, lets just hope the thing stays on Titan =]
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    Artist: Lakai

    Concept: Titan fish

    Scientist find this strange creature by using their new beam technologies , which primal was developed to destroy all human being, financed by the army, but the new technology was improper to reach this goal. Fortunately for us that it was used to find these new specie instead. Though this disover will destroy us with their awful light balls anyway.

    C.O.W. #137 CNN Breaking News: Life Found on Titan! --VOTING
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    Artist: Lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: Crustacea Gigatus Titanae

    Due to the low level of gravity (approx 1/7th the gravity of earth) on Saturn's moon Titan, life there has grown to , dare I say- Titanic proportions.
    The first species sighted in what was to become a multitude of new life-forms found dwelling upon Titan, was that of the crustacea gigantus titanae.
    A land and ocean dwelling crustacea, the gigantus carries about its own camoflage in the shape of self-formed layers of detrius and saliva. Closer inspection by a NASA probe (pictured below) found that massive crustaceans have indigenous flaura and fauna closely associated with them in what would seem a stable ecological state.
    This could very well see the beginning of a solarsystem wide chain of RedLobster restaurants opening in the near future...

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    Artist: Crowsrock

    Concept: Lantern Drifter

    The creature lives in the subsurface ocean, consisting of liquid water and ammoniac. It lives completely aquatic. Since it is moving slowly exobiologists strongly suggest that it filtrates smaller live forms from the surrounding water or subsists on large aggregates of symbiotic microorganisms, presumably methan or ammonia oxidizers. The microorganisms may be contained within the large bioluminescent "lantern" that inspired the name of that creature.

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    Artist: Faernen

    Concept: Titanesque Rockfish

    After the discovery from space, a probe with human crew was sent to collect informations of the strange creature.
    However, all they found was red rocks. At the moment, they didn't realize they actually found what they were looking for.
    The last images send to Earth by the probe depicts a 20 feet long creature with a rock carapace.
    For the moment, scientists are violently arguing about how long this creature escaped human vigilance and hide herself from satellites thanks to her camouflage.

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    Artist: Bowlin

    Concept: Titan Razorback

    "This just in, the creature appeared to have an unusual spine that scientist believe helps break the top layer of the ocean's ice. Also noted was a blue glowing appendage that apparently helps attract Titan's smaller fish to it's unusual mouth in it's forehead. More to report on this unusual new life at 11."
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    Artist: dwinbotp
    Concept: Titan Basin Serpent
    "Is everything running smoothly Baker?
    "yes Sir, Going deeper now, moving 3.5 knots and maintaining.
    "Anything unusual soldier? Radar and sensors picking up anything down there?"
    "nothing yet Sir...wait, my sensors are picking up somethi....HOLY MOTHERF%@king...Cripes! What is that??!!!
    "Report back Baker! What's going on down there? Damn it! Report!
    "Uhhh Sir, It's a...Big %#@ creature S-Sir...It's staring straight at us..."
    "What's that? Where's Collins?"
    "Right beside me Sir, pissing all over the place..."
    "Well if that thing don't attack you, I wanna know what it is, The images you're sending aren't worth shit for that billion dollar equipment you're manning!"
    " It's enormous Sir, maybe a couple of miles long...there seems to be breathing ducts all across its head and it's covered with huge scales over its entirety, almost like a snake Sir."
    "It's swimming away Sir, what do you want me to do?"
    "Well, follow it! If that thing exists, it's highly possible there are other life forms on the planet."
    "it's gone Sir...Radar clocked its speed close to 70 knots and we can only see the tail fading deeper into total darkness."

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    Artist: Pierropod

    Concept: Titanesca
    We don't know a lot about this creature but the scientist think it could be measure a little bit more than 2 yard. They think that it could eat a lot of plankton like whales but it could eat some big fishes like shark size.
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    Artist: luness

    Concept: Timolana Grupali

    The creature under the icy ocean surface finally seemed to move, extending what apparently was one of its limbs which, for our surprise, was later detached and consequently, taken away by the subterranean stream. After several hours of filtering and focusing the image, the silhouette gave us the impression of a new creature, not a limb. The previous thought about a frog-shaped giant creature has been dismissed. It is believed now that the silhouette in question is a new social creature, part of a school of similar ones, that due to sickness and/or other unknown cause died and was abandoned by the rest.
    This is a recreation of what the creature might look like, and the possible functionality of the different parts of its anatomy.

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    Artist: LORD M

    Concept: Globular Floater - Tethys vitamorphis
    "At 7:am this morning NASA recieved some highly intressting images from the Cassini satellite orbiting Saturns moon Titan. NASA had recently transferred some updates on its IR-camera and instructed Cassini to test it out on the possible oceans hiding beneath the ice-crust. The Cassini satellite photographed a moving shadow which could be seen from beneath the ice of Titan. The shadow seem to be some kind of slow moving multi-limbed organism which is around 20 feet long according to our mesurements. Since it wasn't seen so good on the IR-photo, scientists believ it is a transparent creature that floats forward with the fin-like structures. On this screen you can see an artists rendition of the image captured by Cassini. So there you have it folks, we are no longer alone in the universe."
    "I wish to paint in such a manner as if I were photographing dreams" - Zdzislaw Beksinski
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    Artist: Scorge

    Concept: T01, Life found on Titan

    And now, breaking news from CNN correspondent Jim Norris in California at N.A.S.A Ames research center with an interview on an amazing discovery. And apparently, we are not alone.
    "That's right Dianne, I'm here with Dr. Verne Ludqvist, Director of Operations and Mission control here at AMES, what can you tell us about this discovery doctor?"
    "Of course Jim. At approximately 16:20 hours today, two roving submersible robots currently on mission in the depths of Saturn's moon Titan, discovered a life form. From what we can tell using proportional scale, this creature is around twenty feet long, and found at 10,000 fathoms resistant to barometric pressure. The "Ferns" as we call them on the forward portion appear to be feeding strainers of some sort of filter, and in the midsection we find what would be considered a large false eye, leading us to believe that this creature has a evolved a sort of defense against what could be larger predators. We are still in the preliminary phases of evaluation and will have more information at a later time."
    "Thank you doctor. There will be a more formal press conference at 7 pm and N.A.S.A has agreed to release a high definition photo taken of the life form and you can find more pictures at, back to you Dianne"
    "Thank you Jim. Kind of gives you goose bumps doesn't it? Now we go to Pete Dawson with the weather........Pete?
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    Artist: Ostrander

    Concept: Magucyphilae Titanasauri
    "As word has it, this is it, it is official. We are not alone, ladies and gentleman. Scientist's have unveiled a recent image scan from the Hinder-Voltar IIV satellite as it passed by Saturn's moon, Titan. What we are seeing is what scientists are calling Magucyphilae Titanasauri. All the details are not known as of yet but we will have new details for you shortly. It's remarkable ladies and gentleman, this is unlike anything we've ever seen in the history of mankind. Who knows what other life this moon may hold or other planets within our solar system and beyond. Please stay tuned to CNN for the latest reports, I'm Bill Williamson, and we will return after these brief messages".
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    Artist: Sanaz Sattari

    Concept: Titanidae
    After having observed the creature for some time, and having chosen a name for it, the scientists figure that the blind creature, used the sensory bumps on its back to direct its way. The Titanidae was a rather harmless creature, feeding on smaller life forms, probably with hard shells, as its sharp tiny teeth showed. But the whip tails with their glowing fins were alarming enough to scare off any possible predators, which gives news of other, perhaps larger, creatures to be found in the deeper waters of Titan.

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    Artist: Mara644

    Concept: Euarthropodum Titaniae
    Hiding under rocks and ice the creature was not easy to observe. Scientists presume that it feeds from essential nutrients floating in the hydrocarbon lakes in the moon's polar regions. Attaching itself under a rock it waits for the nourishing currents, changing place only when it's forced to search for more fertile regions.
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