"Greetings fellow humans
I come from a..."


hehe, sorry i got a little carried away XD

Well this is my first thread, (I haven't added an intro yet)
Call me "Yoshi San" (Yes its japanese) if you please
This charecter you see below (yet unnnamed) is a lab rat (i.e. an experimental failure which acts as the main charecter -in a game that im thinking of-).

Initially the being was human, and it achieved its visible features after its abduction by alien life form during a war that began in the year 2066. A vast number of other humans that were abducted were also used for experiments to build a strong army (The "original" aliens have a disability and because of that, they are using beings from across the universe and modifying the genetic properties to rebuild a strong force of their own, hence everything they capture become one of their own).

I'll post the rest of the story once I think it over, until then, enjoy the drawings. they're still in their initial stages and harsh criticism is totally accepted.

Btw, as you may have noticed, the features change as you scroll down, allow me to explain:
Attachment 1: The first drawing, which I later used to add and innovate on.
Attachment 2: First thought
Attachment 3: Second thought

Now i was wondering if..in the game, the charecter experiences mutation as seen below in stages where in the beginning he looks like attachment 2 and later on in the game, he starts growing extra limbs for combat as seen in attachment 3...

(details on the different parts seen and their functions will be explained in future ideas)