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    Angry setting resolution in painter

    hey guys.Im trying to get into digital painting, and ive ran into a weird problem. Im opening a painting ive done in oils in painter 7, just to do it again and see what it looks like digitally. Its a 200 res pic, but when i put it back into photoshop, the res goes down to 28.8. Even in painter when i zoom in everything is soooo pixelated. Has anyone ever ran into this problem? If so, what am I doing wrong?

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    I just tested this using Painter 7.1.357 and Photoshop 7.1 in WinXP Home and the Resolution remained 200 ppi.

    However, when I changed the Resolution in Photoshop 7.1 from 200 ppi to 28.8 ppi, the dimensions changed from 500 x 500 pixels to 72 x 72 pixels. The dimensions in inches remained the same, 2.5 x 2.5 inches.

    Naturally, when I saved the image again as PSD, then opened it in Painter 7.1 and zoomed in to make the displayed image roughly the same size on my screen as it was at 200 ppi/100% zoom, those 28.8 pixels were now spread over the same 2.5 images in both width and height and the pixels were much larger, so I got the pixelation you saw.

    Try doing this instead:

    Open your 200 ppi Painter 7 image in Photoshop.

    In Image > Image Size, change the Resolution to 200 ppi.

    Now save the image with a new file name (because this is a test only).

    Open it in Painter 7 and check to see if the image is now the original dimensions and resolution and you no longer have pixelation at 100% zoom.


    If you zoom in far enough on any image, you'll see "pixelation" displayed as zooming in makes the pixels display larger and you'll see jagged edges. If your Resolution number is high enough, you won't see this when the image is at 100% zoom or when it's printed, only when you zoom in to enlarge everything.
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