I'm hoping to transfer to SVA for Spring 2010 and I want to get myself a nice portfolio.

I have a Prat Start 4 Portfolio for my 14x17s and below, so to speak but I don't have anything for 18x24 and up. Especially because I'll be taking a life drawing course next semester to help flesh out my portfolio for SVA, I need an 18x24+ portfolio that is very sturdy, durable and able to carry some supplies (outer pockets etc) like brushes/inks, drawing clipboards, newsprint pads etc

A plus is a portfolio with those straps that hold your work down.

Does anyone have a suggestion? What size would you all get for art school?

I'm looking at maybe the Alvin Elegance portfolio but it has no interior straps. I was also looking at the ArtBin ToteFolio but I do not see any interior pictures; It's been drilled into my head that the condition of your work shows how much you care about it and I like to keep mine pristine, so no sliding around especially Bristol.

Any help is appreciated.