I recently saw this 3D camera/scanner on a tech programme which allows you to scan in 3D images of objects into a computer.


Bridging the divide - 3D Scanning/Modelling query

I have no real experience with 3D modeling (beyond having a brief play with a few programs), however this camera does seem to make it possible (and affordable) to scan a traditional sculpture into a 3D modeling program, something I'd thought was previously only available in the realms of high budget hollywood films.

I wonder if anyone has used this product or something similar before, and if so how well it works? Also are the file formats it uses (OBJ, STL, PLY) supported by programs such as Blender, Zbrush etc? I've been informed Maya does not support them but they can be imported through a plugin.

I assume, if you were to posses the appropriate skills, you could then use the scanned 3D model to create an animation? I have some experience with stop motion animation, however having an affordable way of getting my sculptures moving digitally has piqued my interest.

Thanks for any thoughts you might have.