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    C.O.W. #136 Beatific Dragon with Breath Weapon! --VOTING


    Topic: Beatific Dragon with Breath Weapon!!

    Deadline for the voting: Wednesday 25 March 2009

    Posting thread (closed): C.O.W. - #136 Beatific Dragon with Breath Weapon!


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!

    3. No voting for your own entry!!! If a participants votes for his own entry, every member has the right to call him a stupid lame moron in this thread! And i will delete his/her vote anyway...
    4. The poll is public and everyone will be able to see who votes for whom. No self-votes.
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    Artist: XGABO

    Concept: Pope Dragon

    The year of our Lord 1520 was one of great change for the Catholic Church. As a response to threats of reformation and break-up of the Church, the High of Council of the Vatican devised several counter-attacks to maintain their power over the faith. Some of them are widely known by history: excommunications, arrests and religious conflicts broke out all over Europe. But the Church also created darker solutions to resolve the power struggle.

    Considered to be the most polemic of the plans created by the Vatican was the so-called "Holy Dragon Initiative". Spearheaded by Cardinal Vespucius of Tiber, the plan made use of ancient Vatican documents, from a time the Church flirted with the occult as a way of converting the masses of Pagans still unconvinced about the power of the One God.

    The documents described how the power of pure faith (combined with a potent alchemic cocktail), could transform a Holy Man into a creature of awesome and righteous power, a Dragon that would carry the Holy Cross into the enemy's territory and purify it using a spray of the "Blood of Christ", a powerful venom able to penetrate the minds of people, making them susceptible to forced conversion. the Dragon would be entirely obedient to the keepers of the true church, and practically indestructible.

    The documents stated that the higher the ranking of the transformed Holy Man, more powerful the Dragon would be, so to maximize the effect, an edict was created to make Thales, a lowly monk from the north of Italy, Pope for 24 hours. During that period he was infused with the alchemic solution and induced to repeat a mystical chant six hundred times. He was then walled in the depths of the Vatican Prison, in total darkness.

    The next day they opened the cell, and from it emerged the terrible creature, fuming and dripping holy blood. The Cardinals were in awe. But the plan backfired: The Dragon was bound to obey only to the true heirs of Christ's Church, but at this point the Church had changed so much that the Dragon would not recognize it as the same faith from ancient times. It immediately killed the cardinals, and for three days and nights it trashed the labyrinthine corridors of the Vatican Underground Complex, his glowing bleeding heart producing hot venom capable of burning the walls, and devouring the "holy men" that now dominated the Vatican.

    The legend tells that the Dragon was only a few doors from emerging to the outside world when it met its Nemesis: a vatican housekeeper who himself carried the true christian faith in his heart. The Dragon kneeled before the poor man, waiting for orders like a dog. The man, upset with all the destruction the Dragon had caused to the place he cared for so many years, ordered the creature to disappear, thus saving the Vatican from completed obliteration.

    The Vatican leaders, afraid of uncontrollable destruction among their own ranks, realized they didn't want a defender of the true faith, but rather of the faith they could lord over. The ancient documents were destroyed, and the janitor was executed to keep the secret of their shame from spreading. His name was never known.
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    Artist: Mr--Jack

    Concept: Lux Coma

    Rarely seen and even less often encountered, Lux Coma are called in in service of light only when the forces of darkness are nearing the verges of heaven itself, where they live out their otherwise extroardinarily long lives; streaming brilliant white feathers and able to call upon a living incarnation of divine light, these majestic creatures are wondrous and immutable defenders of their domain.
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    Artist: benu

    Concept: Make love, not war

    The Dragons of Hyperborea had a terrible reputation. Many noble knights and dragonslayers from all over the world traveled there to challenge the mighty beast, but few ever returned. No one knew what made these dragons so invincible, as none of the homecomers talked much about the experience, at least nothing coherent.
    Until the orcish army tried to overrun the country. It was stopped at the borders by the hyperborean dragons without a fight. They circled over the battlefield spitting clouds of vapor on the combat-ready warriors. Whoever inhaled the dragon's breath was overwhelmed with love and joy. This turned the battlefield into a mass orgy, while the evil wizards who led the orcish forces contemplated the beauty of creation or giggled at their ridiculous robes.
    The army dispersed. Parts of it retreated to their homeland, where the wizards were put to the torture to tell what really happened at the borders of Hyperborea. Some warriors even killed themself to save their honor. But others stayed in Hyperborea to live there with their true love happily ever after.

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    Artist: kovah

    Concept: Calm Bringer
    Time was that dragons were harbingers of destruction and evil, creating chaos and wanton destruction. Brave knights were sent out to slay these beasts again and again many fell but some succeeded and slowly the dragons numbers dwindled. For creatures that only bred every five hundred years or so this was terrible. It was when a young monk discovered a dragon egg abandoned when its mother had been killed, the dragons cave had been looted but the egg had been overlooked as just a rock.

    He took the egg back to the monastery and started to say prayers over the egg for the next fifty years of his life until it hatched. The white tiny creature crawled out the darkened egg and immediately the monk knew his prayers had worked. This dragon was brilliant white, with feathered wings and tiny halo's round its gold spikes. As the dragon grew it of course attracted the interest of the local knights and more than once the dragons elderly carer wringed his hands in fear. But not once did the knights ever get close to the dragon let alone injure it, its breath was a thick pink smoke that smelled strongly of strawberries and spring days and when it dissipated the knights no longer had an urge to fight and dropped thier sword and shield and trotted off into the sunset. In due course the monk died and the white dragon took off into the sky and undoubtedly spawned tales of angels as well as a fair few baby dragons who blessed by good continued their parents legacy.
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    Artist: dwinbotp
    Concept: Omnidracum
    When the war between Heaven and Hell is unleashed upon Man's land; wherein demons and blackened souls rush over to engulf the world with evil and malice, the last remaining guardians and beacons of hope to defend the righteous and the weak will come in the form of spectacular beasts long thought to be forgotten in myth and lore. They are the the Omnidracum, loyal winged chariots of the Archangels. They are revered by the faithful and feared by the Godless. They have wisdom that spans eons, their ferocity in battle matched only by their guile and sheer force of will and they are the penultimate embodiments of the destructive power and beauty of nature.
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    Artist: Pierropod

    Concept: Snafeadragus
    The Snafeadragus is a "life-keeper". In 2124, the few survivor on the planet earth waited for him. Because they heard that a big dragon will be able to restore and boost the "Tree of Life". because this tree keep hope in the living people on earth and it will be able to give a second chance to the world. But only if they deserved it. They're still waiting and the tree is dying...
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    Artist: SPipes

    Concept: Gleaming Dragon
    The Gleaming Dragons were bred by the forces of good to serve as watchdogs against the forces of death and decay. They shun peaceful lands, making their lairs in the darkest, most evil places, seeking out and vanquishing the twisted things that dwell there. When the land is clean and growing again, they grow restless and move on.
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    Artisit: Tomorrow-man
    Concept:Golden Drake of the Sun

    When I was a boy, my father would sometimes take me out before dusk to the far parts of the valley. He'd share facts and tell stories of when he was young, the things he'd learned, lessons I should know. He taught me everything.

    The sun would be setting gently, and we'd whisper to be silent, unheard. Better to not wake the spirits, he'd always say. When the wind was calm and the sky clear we'd climb atop Graeth's ledge, the catch in our bags, kindle for a fire, a knife and a blade, a boy and his father. We were onlookers to a dying day, awe and wonder binding us in a single moment.

    It was on just such a night, as the sun hung it's weary head and began to sleep, that I looked at my father, craving his explanation.

    "Father," I said, "where does the day come from?"

    His brow crinkled with thought; he let out the strongest sigh. "The great golden drake." He said. "Long ago, long before you were born, even before I was born, before there were even people, the world was a barren and desolate waste. Barren but for the evil that dwelled here. No birds soared in the sky, no ocean for fish to fill, no krad for man to hunt. Darkness had won the earth, and D'dagon reveled in the empty dereliction of his kingdom."

    "Ada the golden drake and father to life, saw the earth and wished to bring it light from the darkness that held it.The beast was brilliant and pure, void of any evil, holiness personified. His wings were made of stars and his breath was a beam of light, and with his mighty claws he sank deep into the earth, challenging D'dagon. They fought, clashing over and over, light against darkness, good versus evil."

    "Knowing he could never defeat Ada, D'dagon beseeched him, wishing to reach an agreement. Together they would divide the world, half and half, night and day, each for their reign. Now, each morning we see Ada soar in the sky and bring us day and life, while D'dagon lurks in night and the afterlight."

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    Artist: Meganite

    Concept: Bringer of Light
    Holy creatures are known to inspire both awe and fear. People have fallen flat on their faces from encounters with mere angels, yet among the ranks of the angels there exist dragons of unearthly might. These Powers, which cause all evildoers to tremble at their very sight, are said to only be unleashed when the forces of evil grow too great, and their appearance is said to herald the end of the world.

    All evil dragons are said to have once been good, and it is from these angelic ranks that they fell from grace, to walk beast-like on the earth. When a holy dragon encounters an evil one, he will use his beacon-like breath weapon in an attempt to turn his foe back to the ways of good, burning out all impurities. However, their fallen brethren are often so entrenched in their evil ways that there is no good left, and the burning light of righteousness will destroy them forever.

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    Artist: Jakers

    Concept: White Dragon
    When the shadows of hell managed to take hold of the earth, the powers of man were futile in fighting the beasts. Only the rare White Dragon had light energy powerful enough for battle against the ever massing power. With immense bravery and speed, the holy dragons were able to restore life.
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    Artist: skullbeast

    Concept: Stilver
    Stilver _ eater of embers. Placed to guard the rift between light and darkness. Stilver cleanses flame and darkness from its path with scalding vaporous light.

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    Angelo Purificus

    Artist: Freha

    Concept: Angelo Purificus
    The Angelo Purificus is a species of "light" aligned dragons. They are called upon by forces of good during epic battles. Purificus' breath of Purity is a combination of light and flame. When it breathes its flame upon the battlefield it does not worry about friend or foe. The "light" part of its breath protects those aligned with the side of good. Those who are evil are not protected by the light and are thusly incinerated by the "fire" aspect of the Purificus' breath.

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    C.O.W. #136 Beatific Dragon with Breath Weapon

    Artist: Chuck,Mate.

    Concept: Awe-Dragon

    Forever sung as a savior, fighting for the pure at heart, this little known creature is but an ancient myth. Born of legends and nurtured in hope, the Dragon of Awe was the always faithful champion of the oppressed.
    Passed on from fathers to sons, through generations, the story of the battle of Orth-Mu`jar kept this Awe-Dragon alive in the culture and imagination. Enormous and golden, shining through summer skies, it kept the natural order of thing at balance, never turning on its masters. Us, humans.
    Its powerful breath enhanced its presence, ruling both heaven and earth, destroying all that`s obscene, venomous, fiendish and unsightly, vanquishing all evil in us, of us, within us.

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    Artist: Wacky Wackowski

    Concept: Holy Emperor Dragon

    In times of darkness, the warriors of Heshrem journey eastward to the holy ruins out in the desert. They seek the Holy Emperor Dragons, whose breath is said to grant divine power against the powers of darkness. These holy beasts are to be feared as much as awed for they do not grant their blessing lightly. The breath of divine power is only for those of noble heart and purity of purpose. To come to the beasts with anything else would be to invite certain death at their hands.

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