Hi, my name is Leon, aka shaggy, i have been visiting this board for about 3 weeks now, and im very very impressed with the talent on this board.

Me and my Family are starting a trip in december, we will be traveling across North America for the next 3 to 5 yrs in a 5th wheel trailer. we will be going to Fla for a month and then heading back to cali. after june we are heading up north to alaska and after that canada and north US.
I will continue to visit this board when i can, one of my jobs is the website, so far i have a pretty rough design and not everything works. I will have more done this next month. http://www.5thwheeling.com/

Im also a huge 311 fan if u cant tell by some of my art. but one of my plans is to meet all the ppl i can that ive talked to through out the yrs of being online. I have my own personal site for that. http://www.dontstayhometour.com/

one reason for this post is im starting to get excited, and had to tell someone,
im going to be doing alot of humen studies on this trip, and i hope to sell alot of art and other goods i make.