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Thread: IDW #95: Scrapheap Challenge

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    Icon IDW #95: Scrapheap Challenge

    IDW #95: Scrapheap Challenge

    Topic: Scrapheap Challenge

    Background: Okay, as I already mentioned before, I was planning something special for round 95! Originally suggested by Cookiedough, and I worked some more on the idea to fit it into a proper IDW topic. Took me a bit of work, so my apologies for the delay with putting this round up

    For those of you familiar with the show, there are of course a few changes. For those of you who've never heard of it: Scrapheap Challenge - Wikipedia

    So, what's the idea for this IDW then? Well, you are going to design a machine (presumably build in 10 hours time - this doesn't mean you have 10 hours to finish your entry, it means the machine you design might be a bit dodgy and unfinished) that can complete the track as shown below. In the show there's usually 2 or 3 teams competing against each other, so feel free to design more than one machine if you want.

    The Challenge:

    Here's a short step-by-step guide to this round and a quick example:

    Step 1: Instead of scrounging your stuff from a real junk yard, you'll have to go out on the internet and gather a bunch of pictures that you think might provide inspiration/material for the vehicle you are going to design. You can use as many images as you like, but about 3 or 4 images should already be enough. Don't limit yourself to only technical parts, anything might serve as inspiration in this round: animals, landscapes, abstract, go wild!

    One thing though: keep track of where you've found your images, because you'll need to post them and a link to where you've found it in the finals thread. No reference to the site you've found them on, and your entry might be pulled from the poll! Also, you are free to use elements of the photographs in your final rendering, but copyright laws still apply!

    Step 2: Now that you've gathered your reference, start designing a scrapheap machine that can do the track as seen below. The design is totally up to you, but keep in mind that the original show had a 10 hour deadline for building their machines. This means the machine you'll design should be believable as something build within 10 hours! And..use your reference! Oh and one more thing, go wild! Some kind of feasibility is required, but that doesn't mean you can't make spider-legged steampunk monsters

    Step 3: Post your final image in the finals thread, along with either a link to or the images plus link in your post. Mind you, you'll have to explain how your machine is capable of doing the track, so more than one image or a storyboard approach might be necessary!

    Attachment 613352
    Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3

    The Track

    Below you can see a short overview of the track. There are a few elements here that need an explanation, but the basic idea is that your machine starts and finishes at point 1, and has to make it's way to point 5 and back again.

    The challenge of this track is to cross a river of 10 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep twice, climb uphill and break into the brick cube (that contains no door, it's literally 4 walls of 1 brick thickness, and a concrete top of similar thickness) to gather at least 3 eggs that are inside, which it has to return intact to the finish. On the way, a team of 4 people have to steer it and operate it (and where needed, help it a bit).

    Attachment 613329

    That's about all the information you need I think. Feel free to ask questions, I'll be around to answer them. This round is kind of an experiment, but I thought it might be fun

    1. Design and draw your scrapheap monster!
    2. Read the description above!
    3. That's it... now draw!

    Deadline: Sunday, March 15

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    is the machine supposed to gather the eggs or do the people place them in the machine?

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    bara: Ideally, it can pick the eggs up by itself. There's a lot of leeway there though, since also in the tv show often things break or do not work as intended, so the help of a human hand is often allowed as long as it's not done too often

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    killer topic
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    Wouldn't the eggs break from the brick walls and concrete ceiling falling on them? Does the machine have to incorporate being able to protect the eggs from such damage or remove the walls in a safe way? Am I looking too much into this?

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    TMG: Exactly The eggs need to arrive in one piece at the finish, so breaking into the brick cube has to be done carefully!

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    Hmm... I'll try and see how far I can make it :3
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    My Theory is A giant wrench to crush the walls of the cube like a pincer, crumble a small section, and then either use the giant wrench to pick up the eggs, or some sort of vaccumm to pull it through the hole created by the wrench one at a time, as I think an egg is larger than most vaccuums tube thingies, but I'm still trying to figure out how to get across the river and up and down the hills.(just brainstorming)
    BTW, does anyone have any tips for searching for reference images, or how to go about doing so ?
    Also, Yoitisi , is it ok if someone uses pictures of junk/stuff from their parents garage ? such as Old bicycles, lawns mower, Bird feeder, etc. I suspect there are few garages out their a bit like a junk yard/scrap heap if only unorganized.
    I'm guessing from your example it doesn't necessarily have to be junk as reference, is that right ?
    Also, for those that may not have tried it yet, there's alot of images of Scrapheap Robots, Scrapheap Machines , Junk Machines, and Junk Robots on the internet.
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    Mr_S_14: Yep making your own photo reference is totally allowed, just make sure you note that in the finals thread so you don't have to link anywhere.

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    Sounds cool!

    Been a while for me...
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    Awesome topic. Yoitisi, you are a god. I can't do anything for it but I'll be watching.

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    are there any size restrictions?

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