getting back in the swing?

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    getting back in the swing?

    Hi, all! I would be Spud, long time lurker but not much of a poster. You can consider me a drop-out - I ditched Illustration at University for a number of reasons, but the thing that eventually got me was the fun experience of full-blown depression. I... have still not quite recovered from said depression, but I'm getting treatment and whatnot, so whatever.

    Anyways. I stopped drawing for ages because of that. It wasn't just drawing, I'll admit, it was everything else as well - call it an "everything block."

    Imagine my absolute delight when, all of a sudden, tablet met OpenCanvas again and for the first time in what felt like forever I spent hours and hours exploring, experimenting, playing, and having fun. I drew fish, faces, a small environment - impulsive things, nothing I could be genuinely proud of, but things I felt positive about, things which reminded me why I loved to draw. None of this "yeah, I drew a random cartoon face... fed up now" business that was just making me feel worse.

    So now, it's self-directed study for me!

    Only... call me crazy, but I'm at a loss as to where to even start. It's so open, here - I have no University, nobody arty to discuss things with, no idea where to find life drawing classes... I've actually thrown away a considerable amount of my stuff, so my primary material at the moment is watercolour, student quality. I'm thinking of starting to experiment with oil, too, but with a limited budget and limited space, I'm not sure where to begin there either...

    If there's anyone else who took an extended break from anything art-related, I'd love to know how you found a new "swing"

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    Don’t know you’re based, but is worldwide and you might find life drawing classes near you.

    Paper and pencil is cheap, and starting a sketch book here is free.

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    I would recommend just starting an online sketch book here and post away. Make a routine and stick with it. It may feel like a choir at first but it's a great way for people to pick your brain and help you improve...or provide goal to feel self motivated. Check out the sketchbook section, there's tons of people working hard every day.

    But first and foremost you need to clear up the baggage/road block before adventuring into any new journey...or you will end up back in that same funk..sabotaging your new efforts.

    You might be overwhelmed. Start slow, build up consistent momentum one drawing at a time, and you will be back in the swing of things. Good luck

    Make a sketchbook happy, feed it a tip to improve!
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