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    3d Sketches-Photography Study

    Hey everyone!
    Well,recently I started to learn photography,composition,color theory and so forth...and immediately decided to check if it's act. possible to implement diff. techniques in 3d.No doubt,it's too early to consider it as serious 3d art,but i'm working hard and hope to achieve better results soon.It took me approximately 1 day/per image,including creation of a little scenario,modeling, material developing,lighting set-up,rendering and compositing.First image-apples,Second-weightless oranges (yes,they can fly sometimes) and the last one is a "prune attack"Hope you dont' like it (so i you can gimme some critiques .Thanks!
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    I actually like the apples a lot. I think the background with the red jars and the tablecloth makes them pop nicely. My main crit on that one is that the apples seem a little 'jagged' and could be a bit smoother (softer curves). Also the left one could use heavier shadows at the bottom: It looks almost like it is floating compared to the other one.

    The oranges are alright except for the main one (the larger, most focused one): It is perfectly round and the edges are very crisp so it looks flat. The edges could use a bit more irregularities and less focus. And I don't dig the lack of context. A study of fruit on a table or in a bowl- like you did with the apples- would be more interesting IMO.

    The prunes... Well I guess they look like prunes now that you mention it, but why are they totally off-center and out of focus? It looks like the 'camera' fell over. If the subject was nicely framed, it would be easier to appreciate.

    Good exercises, though!

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    Study your subjects thoroughly if you want to create photo-realistic renderings of them. The apples are too lumpy and not quite the right shape (they tend to be broader at the crown and taper some toward the base), the oranges too perfectly round and some of those in the BG seem to show "polar teats" as well as having no indication of what really goes on at opposite ends of an orange. The apple texturing/material looks pretty good if a trifle generic, but that of the oranges is much too even and depends too much on the bump mapping to create a sense of texture. Think about using a displacement effect instead of bump, so the contours are not so perfectly even.
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    Hi AlexSu!

    I really like these. The focus effects you've used are fantastic. They really help give that photographic feel.

    Apples> I agree with Sekino about the shape and the shadow. Also, I know you're using photographic references for these, but you may want to give the apple texture a bit more glossiness. Sometimes reality is too real. People have seen enough waxed apples in the grocery store that they've come to expect shinier apples. Yours do look like they're straight off the apple tree, though, if you prefer that look (especially based on the surrounding environment).

    Oranges> Again, I agree with Sekino. The floating feel is a bit jarring. It doesn't really tell a story (as all good photography generally tries to do). Also, your oranges feel like they were procedurally mapped for the skins. If you study oranges a bit, their skin texture is a series of pits. You oranges seem to ripple. So, I recommend a hand-painted texture, or grab a picture of an orange skin, desaturate it, stamp it around, and use that for your bump/displacement map.

    Prunes> I actually disagree with Sekino on this one. I really like teh composition. It has a very modern feel to it. It reminds me of some of Tool's music videos for their Lateralus album. They don't really resemble prunes to me, but then, they don't have to. LOL Or maybe I just haven't met enough prunes. I like it!

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    Perhaps do a quick motion with the oranges. Falling down perhaps and turn on the blur when rendering. The prunes I don't really see. I've had prunes
    many times and I still don't see it?

    The apple shapes, I don't mind at all. I've had those kinds of shapely apples
    before and some of them are edible.

    Good luck with the 3D studies.

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