hi everyone! How are you all doing.

My name's Gus, I am 21 years old. I come here as a humble novice artist seeking to advance in the art of drawing (or is it the drawing of art? not sure). I have been drawing on and off for a few years but never really progressed so recently I've decided to step up and take it a bit more seriously. I have seen topics of other artists and I was greatly impressed by their progression over the years, so I'm going to try and follow in their footsteps as well as I can.

Part of the reason I'm posting this here is because people seem really friendly and helpful around this forum. if anyone has anything (good or bad) to say about my work please don't hesitate to post!

Well that's pretty much it. I feel kind of an inferior being posting here between all these experienced people but I'm going to give it a shot either way. My goal is to draw at least a few sketches a day (20 minutes at least), and given my tendency to slack off that'll probably be enough a challenge on it's own in the beginning.

anyway to kick it all off... here's a few pages of my sketchbook