Art: Virtual Reality as Kinetic 3D Art Form
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    Virtual Reality as Kinetic 3D Art Form

    While creating abstract 3D Art via virtual reality, I discovered early on (way before Second Life) that one could use the 3D chat medium for Art rather than for making communities. Sorry, after 10 years, I have pretty much had my fill of chat-- but, I still keep creating 3D Art for 3D Art's sake.

    The theme of my 3D Art venue is Science Fiction and I put it all together for free (except for the cost of my server, domain name, and webspace). My freeware tools only run in Win 98, but their unique results march on...

    My entire kinetic 3D Art venue is at 3D X-Robotica

    If it looks overly sophisticated, remember, I've been around for a long, long time. Too long
    (ie, the line-up of characters on the Av-Units page is already out of date. --see my ConceptArt gallery -- the first six 3D models are new / the last six 2D photo treatments are from a time before the days of 3D-modelling).


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