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    Tracing using the guide snapping.

    (I know I posted a question recently - but I felt justified in creating a new thread, as this topic is different to the previous one)

    I have come to realise that I can get great clean line art results by drawing them as vectors, but I would like to be able to control the stroke in the same way that you can when using a tablet.

    While it is possible to manually draw the stroke width - it is also time consuming, and often frustrating to match up.

    My question is; Is it possible to some how snap your brush to a vector path? This way you could control the line with the bezier points and get a really nice quality stroke by tracing around it with a tablet (instead of the standard automatic tapering effect you can get with photoshop's paths)?

    If not - would it be possible to get the same effect with some sort of custom guide option etc...?

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    Didnt read first post, but why dont you use adobe illustrator for vector drawings?


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    It's alright - The other post wasn't really related to this.

    I do often use Illustrator when I'm doing line art, but I feel that if there was some way of snap-tracing with the pen tool in photoshop - it would offer a nicer control over my lines.

    For example: If you have one of the blue guides active in Photoshop, and 'Snap To Guides' is active, you can draw a fairly nice, steady line along it using a pen tablet but you can still control the stroke using the pen pressure.

    What I want to know is whether this can be achieved with a path - so you would - in effect - have a curved guide to draw with.

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    *edit* When I originally posted this I most likely misinterpreted what you wanted because of the word "vector". After re-reading your question, I can't think of any easy solution aside from becoming more comfortable drawing on your tablet.

    Snap to guide is unnecessary. What you want is the pen path tool (middle option) on the far left side.
    Note: Set your brush width/opacity first to avoid constantly switching tools.

    - Create a path with the pen tool.
    - Under the path tab, right click the current path
    - Choose stroke
    - Choose brush tool and then hit okay. (Make sure stroke is off if you don't want any tapering)
    - Delete path, and repeat.

    If you want to be able to vary the thickness within the line itself...most of the solutions I can think of would be really tedious. If you want more of a wedge tip marker look, play with some of the calligraphy brushes. Have any examples of the look you want?
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