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    These are taken from the Sith article on Wookieepedia:

    "Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    The Force shall free me."

    - Sith Code

    "Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it."
    ―Darth Bane[src]

    "To ensure the continued survival of the Sith, Bane was forced to put them on the brink of extinction. He instituted the Rule of Two. In Bane's order, both Sith held the title Dark Lord of the Sith. The rule of the two instituted that a master train an apprentice. Once the apprentice was fully trained, he would kill the master and take on the mantle himself and repeat the process. The death of the master is either a ceremonial killing or an assassination."

    So it seems that one could be a Sith only because they want to serve themselves and crave power though their passions and use of the Force. Vader is a good example of this, falling first by fear, then revenge, then giving himself over to the lust for power so he could protect his love. Although, there is something worse then baby-eating. "The thought bomb sucked the souls of its victims into a sphere of dark side energy where they were trapped in an orb of dark torment until the end of time."

    It really depends how far you want to go with it.

    Keeviin, while it isn't his sister, she is a Gungan. I have her story developing that she was a jedi originally and grew tired of the Republics puppet Gungan, Binks. Her rage and hatred turned her to the dark side where she felt freed. I think after the ChoW I'm going to make a jedi and do something with each code.

    Amazing, amazing work so far.

    Adam Schumpert: Darth Emily is pure win.

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    Some Really great stuff so far guys!!

    This will be my first Chow. Im Pretty intimidated by the great artists here.

    I dont really know much about the extended Star Wars universe, but I think i might go with the idea of a Sith that has augmented her body allot. kind of like Darth Vader

    I just did a few roughs to explore some ideas:

    Chow 149 :: Female Sith LordChow 149 :: Female Sith LordChow 149 :: Female Sith LordChow 149 :: Female Sith Lord
    Crits always welcome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulk-Sal View Post
    Adam Schumpert: Darth Emily is pure win.
    And so, a single broken toy sealed the fate of a galaxy.

    Attachment 602656
    Thanks for all the crits and comments.
    Just playing with a rough idea that might make Darth Emily fit the brief a little bit.
    This is going to be a fun chow
    WAAAAAY WAAAAAY way out of Date!

    My Sketch Book
    I'm always trying to improve.
    Any help, encouragement, crits,
    or comments are greatly appreciated!
    Please let me know what you think

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    MAN!!! I really need to pay attention to these CHoWs more!

    I missed (gulp) A WHOLE DAY ALREADY!!! AAHHRRRGGG!!!

    Gotta get CHoWing! Btw, Great work so far!
    Reality is only for those who lack imagination

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    My first CHOW.

    edit: This is not the whole image. She is holding a light saber. I just realized after looking at everyone elses post that I should at least mention that, since it's not clear in this post.

    Everyone has unique and downright scary-good entries. I'm glad to be participating in this!

    Chow 149 :: Female Sith Lord
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    tilted here head more to her right, adding more Mandalorian design elements as I go along I suppose. Great Darth Emily btw Adam Schumpert will follow your progress dude

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    Well I got a sketch here. I've got a description but I can't find it at the moment. I'll post later. Long story short, more machine now than woman... twisted and evil... etc. etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevor View Post
    masque loooove the drapery, will there be any more design elements added? she looks great so far but i think she needs more ....something
    Thanks, Trev! Yep, I'll be embellishing as I get into the paint, this so far is like an extended cartoon (in the classic sense of the word). I'm thinking she'll be bluish (Funny, she doesn't look bluish. Yet.) with creamy white body art, very high key, as the drawing is now. Not sure of the pattern yet, whether to continue with or contrast with the flow of the drapery and her body curves. The floor will have a bold graphic element, perhaps in deep burgundy, plus some yellow ochre tints, I think. Deep cyan-to-green lightsaber blade (?).

    I want the surrounding fabric to resemble satin in its reaction to light, but her garment more like cotton jersey, very matte.

    @ Adam Shumpert -- don't know if Emily will fight her way into the poll (doesn't really fit the movie scenario), but she's an absolute gem, I recommend giving her a 200% treatment and popping her into Finally Finished, I think she'd be well-received. Her ears are primo
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    Digging that headdress slowdaddie. looks a bit big, maybe hard to fight in it, if she where more of an action fighter, maybe she doesnt need to move a lot and just use the force like palpatine.

    Inkfish character is looking really cool now just give a bit more of detail on the lightsaber, make it stronger because now it seems a bit delicate, and she needs to be fierce in a whole, but thats just a nitpick.

    Jason snair: character looking great, looking forward to the colors

    Espenboi: Good weapon there. good hands. just try to make her face more evil, she has the han solo mug, the adventurer type. siths are much more serious about themselves.

    Trevor: really looking forward to see the finished version, as rush commented im not really fond of the head as well, maybe tone it down a little, but hey, i know youll come up with something cool to wrap it up.

    Adam: Try to get that darth emily to lucas man, would sell like crazy as a real toy.

    Almost wednesday and 7 pages, im sure this thread is gonna be huge by the weekend, posh and daestwen, you got yourselves a handfull.

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    idea so far

    This is what I've come up with so far, getting much closer to completing this one

    Still tinkering with the ideas for the blades

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    Quote Originally Posted by daestwen View Post
    Espenboi: ... How would you curve a lightsaber blade...?
    with the force

    ...hehe, you´re right. might be impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Espenboi View Post
    with the force

    ...hehe, you´re right. might be impossible.

    Daestwen, I think the answer to that question lies in another question: How do you contain a lightsaber-blade to its length?

    I have a question - It need to be obvious that it would be from the movies: Does this mean that any race not seen in the movies are out of the question?
    I always loved the Zeltrons as a concept. They're developed for the SW comics during the 80's but as far as I know never showed in any of the movies, not even as extras..



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    Here is mine, not sure if i have more time to work on it

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    Adam Schumpert- /Gasp that's such an awesome character.

    FerrousJack- that pic has a great feel to it, looking forward to seeing more.

    Inkfish - thank you, she doesn't have as much class as your sith, still trying to learn how to do that p.s. love the red tattoos and her drapery is superb

    NateShaw- thank you, great point of perspective. I'll use that advice, thank you.

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    My sketch so far, not sure I'll get to finish.

    Darth Scolopendra
    Chow 149 :: Female Sith Lord
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