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    xero Guest


    I cant manage to get proportions right. I was wondering if there were any good books to begin with. Thanx.

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    retro002 Guest
    check for the loomis books. when drawing from life try to measure with your pencil.

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    xero Guest


    I tried finding those loomis books (particularly the figure drawing for all its worth and creative illustrations) but nobody has them in stock. I liked how detailed the sample pages were and I hope to find other books with that sort of detail. Does anybody know of any other books equally or more comprehensive? Any response would be appreciated. Thanx


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    retro002 Guest
    you can download the whole books from the link i gave you. due to low-rez you probably cant print em out, but read them on the screen. you dont have to read all of it, just get out some of the hints mentioned by mr.loomis, that should help. considering other books, umm dont know for sure. if you're into figuredrawing check anything from a guy called gottfried bammes, but that guy does hardcore-in-depth-stuff on anatomy, not sure if that's a bit too much.

    check vilppu's stuff (, perhaps that could help, but me i have none of those books, so i cant tell you if worth the money...

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    This book is just great:

    You can find other great books on figure drawing and proportions here (don't worry about the German site of amazon, the books are all in English):

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    xero Guest
    Thanx for all the response. I appreciate such a fast turn around time. I was hoping for something indepth because I would like to "perfect" my figure drawing skills, at that point I will be confident in posting some of my pieces. Till then (awhile from now) I will stalk the site and revel in the incredible amount of talent displayed on this site. Thanx Again.

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