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    Need some advice

    I was wondering if this is possible... you'll have to bear with me, because I'm not that good an artist, so I might well be barking up the wrong tree.

    Basically, it feels like the colours in Painter are coming out too flat. When I paint with real paints, I seem to get some natural variation of colour, so it doesn't look completely flat.

    However, when using Painter, I guess everything seems to look like I'm just painting in gouache or something, ignoring the brush marks and such.

    I'm hoping that there are some settings that can be changed to give the 'paint' a less perfect more uneven kind of look. I guess like an acrylic wash or something.

    I hope this makes sense, at least. I'm not very clued up on trying to configure Painter.


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    Which Version of Painter are you using?

    I'm more familiar with the Windows version of painter, but in Painter X there are the Real Bristle Brushes that might have some better results.

    I would also advise you reading the manual. Reason being is that there are a lot of feature rich brush controls for Painter.

    For example, if you want your strokes to look more random. If you go to either CTRL+B or CMD+B for Mac it brings up the brush creator. You'll notice a lot of settings to tweak the brush.

    Or you can open the entire palette of brush controls, in Windows it's Window --> Show Brush Controls.

    Want your strokes to have a bit more of a random look to them? Try adjusting the Jitter under the Random palette.

    Want more color variability? Try going to the Color Variability Palette and experiment with the sliders.

    You'll also notice if going to the Real Bristle Brushes a lot of settings to work with the brushes.

    Customizing Brushes is on page 145 of the Painter PDF manual.

    Real Bristle Brushes is on page 127 of the Painter PDF manual.

    I do know purchased copies of the full and academic version of painter will also give you a link to Jeremy Sutton's tutorials upon registration.

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    In addition to the advice Arshes gave, you may also want to experiment with the impasto variants which can produce the appearance of depth to the brush strokes in combination with Canvas menu> Surface Lighting. These can be found in the Impasto brush category, and also in a few other categories where they generally have the word 'Thick' in the variant name.

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