Sketchbook: Sketchbook of (Hopeful) Improvement
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    Sketchbook of (Hopeful) Improvement

    So, like many others, I've browsed this site, admiring different artists and trying my best to learn from the critique of other artists near my level. However, considering I find my art is still lacking, I've decided to gather some courage and post a sketchbook.

    I plan on posting some of the Gaia Commissions I do, since I started doing them for practice anyways, and some actual studies which I'll (hopefully) be able to do once a day.

    For now, I'll post some older stuff, until I start my one-a-day studies. I'm not that big of a fan of critique, but I need it get better, so please, let loose. Point out flaws in specific pieces, continuous flaws, suggestions, etc, anything is welcome!

    Sorry about the mixture of observation/imagination.
    And the sketchy quality.
    Hopefully my studies will be more dedicated. :D;
    -tries not to fail with the attachment manager-

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