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    feb 10th-2010:

    i Just returned from Berlin, the Sixmorevodka gallery was amazing, Marko has built the Mercedes Benz of art galleries and the engine runs on strait Vodka.

    here are a few new works to share


    this image resonates with several new projects that i am involved with at the moment,

    Awestruck- this started as a pencil sketch that i drew while living in the Amazon jungle, it depicts a moment where nature starts to engulf and overcome a person



    i just finished this image for the poster design for Conceptart.orgs Austin SXSW event on march 12th.

    and here is the flyer for my next fine art show in Venice California march 5th,
    most of the work will be digital prints and light boxes, i have a 8 foot long light box that just arrived yesterday, it will be the heaviest work of art i have ever fabricated. there will be two phadroid performances at the opening. hope to see some of you there.

    I will also be performing at the lucnet lamour event this Saturday the 13th at the shrine auditorium in la , it will be a very heavy live art event, hope you can check it out

    Happy New Year!!!

    I like start off the new year with a new finished artwork, every year i make an image based on the catholic religion, as some of you know i have been doing this every year since i was in first grade. This year i chose Jesus as my subject matter, after several image searches i realized there was a place within the digital akashic record for a new interpretation of this global avatar. This is my version. I cant remember the last time i put so much time into a single Image.

    I will have a 24x36 inch translucent print version of this image at a show in La jan 9th at the new temple of vision gallery in downtown Los Angeles. Please come out if you are in the area.


    if this image resonates with you and you would like to spend some analog time hanging out with Jesus, here is a hi rez file i have made available to download and share.

    i Have also been working on updating my website,
    you can visit to check out the beta and please give me any feedback you have on the layout and structure.

    I Wish all of you an amazing decade, Ive been spending time with Manley this week and himself Coro and Carl are working around the clock on creating some new amazing creative possibilities for all of you in 2010.\\



    Update time,
    here is a short 5 min time lapse of the November 1st self portrait i made

    this is an image for Bluetech's latest unreleased album, its called love songs to the source,
    "This album is an audio exploration of the spark if Divine light that oscillates in the heart of every being, seeking union with its Source. "


    this is a new image called "Kiss" its one a a new series that I'm preparing for my next solo show in Venice California at the 99 art collective in late February,

    the image will be printed out 6 feet wide in a custom light box, i will have it on display Feb 13th in Los Angelas at the Lucent Lamour event at the shrine auditorium, tickets and info can be found here

    beyond that Phadroid is going strong, we will be performing in SF at the Dea of Dreams event between bassnectar and Random rab, .

    Wishing everyone an epic new year filled with creativity,


    HI C.A.ers
    posting a few quick updates

    Thanks to everyone who made it to the opening, there were well over 800 people that made it to the opening , thanks to all the ca peeps that made it out, it was cool meeting so many new faces for the first time,

    the show will be up for one more week and i will have a closing reception on Saturday nov 28th from 7-11pm for anyone who missed the opening,

    more info and price list can be found on this site

    here are a few pictures








    Im headed to La for a gig on Black Friday nov 27th at the 2013 studios
    its a free show and i will have a new phadroid performance

    for any of our east coast members i will in Miami for art Basel, and my art and performances will be at the moshka art collective
    tickets and more information can be found here

    ok back to the hustle-

    Time to post some new work
    and let you know about my next Art Exhibit.

    For anyone in the Sf area i will have my first Solo show Ever at the push studio in downtown San Francisco November 7th,

    i will have many of my live paintings printed and displayed for the first time ever, as well as a few large fugi flex Prints, and I am also working on breaking my pixel addiction with a series of TRADITIONAL abstract paintings.
    the show starts at 7pm and ends around 11, i will be doing a short Phadroid performance at the end of the evening,

    if its any indication, my parents will be coming, so its going to be special
    good music, art, friends and family.

    All the work will be up at the gallery until November 30th, hope to see you there. ,

    this is a new one, printed 49"x19" on a special convex canvas material

    viva Nov 1st

    This is the new cover for imagineFX 50th cover,

    ILLUMANOTICthere is gold foil on the printed version.

    painter+sketch-up+z-brush+photoshop= fun

    O.P.M. i did this for my friend Mike. its an experiment in Technouveau.

    here is a cover for the latest beats antique EP
    the idea was a moth that creates it own light.

    and the Hope image from the live streaming event will be available as a canvas print here,
    you can email to order a print and have you money go toward people in need,

    the November 2nd international self portrait day is right around the corner so dust off the mirrors and sharpen your ego. more info here

    and the long awaited digital fine art volume !! is in its final stages of development and will be available soon.

    over and out.


    Hello again.

    A few words to get you in the mood for the beauty lecture.

    You might ask why give a lecture on beauty?

    Because I love it.

    I have been consciously pursuing the dragon's tail of beauty in my work for the past 3 years. I can say with all confidence that it has improved the value and quality of my life and it gave me something profoundly meaningful to share with the world at large.

    It's infectious and I feel compelled to share it with you tomorrow.

    Beauty gives more than it takes, and it is my goal to give you as much as I can, and have you take away an experience that inspires you to go forward in your personal investigation into the mystery of beauty.

    I want everyone to know how much I honor the support that you continue to bring to this site and I will do my best to make the investment that you make in this opportunity one that adds value to your art and reality.

    if this invitation resonates with you please click here to find out how to sign up, join the other beauty seekers from around the world and lets dive deeper into the mystery tomorrow.







    Friday may 15th I will be presenting my work is a special exhibition in Toronto at the Meta Gallery,
    the pieces in the show will represent the largest and highest quality manifestation of my work ever created,
    we have printed the images on Fujiflex prints mounted on Dibond aluminum boxes. its the closes thing you can get to resolution of the original monitor

    here's is a rough size comparison to give you an preview of what to expect. the divine mother will be over 2 meters tall

    At the opening i will also be giving a Pha_Droid performance

    and on Saturday the 16th i will be giving a very special lecture/demonstration/performance . We have rented out a beautiful Catholic cathedral and its ours all night , doors are at 5pm. this lecture is intended to share information that may not be appropriate for forums and cocnepart workshops, topic like spirituality , ayahuasca , entheogens are all fair game, I have just returned from a 3 week spiritual pilgrimage through the amazon and the mountains of Peru and i have a couple stories to share. My intention for this event it to share and enlighten artists on unorthodox means of inspiration, the sacred power of digital art. and the Role that i believe artists have in this strange modern moment of history . seating is limited, suggested donation is 50$ however no earnest seeker will be refused admission for lack of funds.

    beyond Toronto
    Ive been busy with allot of other projects and traveling as well, here are a few recent works Ive done over the past few months

    i created this at the Dallas concept art workshop
    and here you can find a tutorial i made from the presentation
    imagine fx



    here is a painting of the !7th Karmapa of Tibet
    close up

    so stay tuned i have a sketch book worth of drawing to share from my most recent trip to the amazon jungle and mountains of Peru, and after Toronto i will be flying out to Russia to perform in MOSCOW on july 29th for a 24 hour Psy-trance art party!

    First post 2009


    So I hope everyone has had a chance to see the instructor list for the dallas reverie workshop .

    even i have to marvel at what an over the top accumulation of talent that will be present at that event,
    texas is all about bigger, better, faster, harder, and that's what your going to get, its a total digital art enima for your creative being. this may never happen again so take hold of your destiny ,be UNreasonable and make it out to this event, your transformation awaits you.

    As always it has been far to long, Ive missed you all very much
    its been a wild year so far, Time for an official Pixel Purge..
    I’ve been doing as much traveling around the world as possible, taking corel painter and the wacom and live digital painting to new frontiers, despite the occasional perks allot of my time is spent in airports, buses , train stations, tube stations, taxi cabs and security screening lines, carrying up to 140 kilos of gear across borders. All for the sake of art. its not as glamorous as you may think, but its what i need to be doing.

    I started of 2009 in Brazil for a massive 12,000-person 9-day trance party on the beach; it was an adventure to say the least,

    After Brazil I headed out to Costa Rica for an event called manifesto,

    The last international journey out to Australia, I did live painting at the rainbow serpent festival, out of all my travels Australia is on the top of my list, if there are any aussies on the boards drop in and saw hi, I plan on making a trip back there as soon as I can.

    I painted this New Years Eve. In Brazil


    One of my favorite authors David Wilcock will be using it as his new album cover



    Painted this from the top of a warehouse in melbourne

    Album art
    arose layout for random rab



    Some of this is clearing out 2008 live paintings and the others are some newer works . i feel like i have a folder with hundreds of paintings that are 90% done, sometimes when you leave them alone for a while and check back in on them they are finished....

    San Francisco
    Los Angeles California
    Lisbon Portugal Boom festival
    Black rock city Nevada
    Lisbon Portugal
    Santa Barbra California
    Salem Oregon




    Salem Oregon

    Finished this one finally for my friend bluetech


    Sea of dreams sf

    sunset at rainbow serpent

    thanks for taking time to check these out, Im in Maui for the weekend creating live art at the "Source" event,

    looking forward to seeing Lots of you in Dallas!! buy a ticket ..take the ride. your creative transformation is only a few decisions away...... or not.

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