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    Some advices plz

    Hi guys!!

    I have made some studies and I want you to give me some advices to improve them. I am new out here too plz comment all you think is worth to level up my draw skill

    Thx in advance.

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    Rather than sawing away at a line until you have it the way you like it, why not try your lines very lightly until you are sure of them and then go over that correct track with one smooth self assured stroke. This looks like it might be ball point. I have seen some people on here, e.g. Mad Cross if I remember correctly who can do really light preliminary lines with a ball point and then later make their solid strokes too. People love to see beautiful strong strokes rather than tentative marks.

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    want you to give me some advices to improve them
    I'd say practice! They're already looking good but practice is what will make them look even better. Try to do studies as often as you can.
    Keep at it!

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    I agree with arttorney, try to do the lines lightly if ya aint sure at first, going over the one that you think is the best.
    still my best advice i could give is keep on going the more you do the better
    Must keep drawing!!!


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    thx guys!

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    Another trick to try implementing into your drawings is to try and take your shading strokes and orientate them along contours, think M.C. Escher's work. It helps create a 3D illusion, as well as it helps you hammer out into your head that the form you are drawing is a 3D volume, and not a relief sculpture (a relief sculpture is like an embossed drawing).

    If you don't want to try that, try working on your shading technique. These studies look rather quick, so I'm not sure how much effort you have placed into them. But in the case that this is the way you normally shade things, try work on making smoother tones and less scratchy. The way I do it (takes a LONG time btw) is I do this kind of rough sketching like you have done to plot out the shadows etc, and then i go over the area very lightly and controlled and slowly build up the values until they are the same as the scratch-lines i made earlier. For some reason pencil has the effect of not doing the 'multiply' effect like photoshop does. Eg if you shade one area at say...50% pressure, and you make another shade that overlaps it, at the same 50% pressure, the overlapped area does not end up being 100% dark.

    Last tip for shading and looking more pro: Don't do hatching. Hatching works if you KNOW how to do it properly, there are a few pro's out there in the comic book industry that do it, but there also alot of crap artists there too that use senseless hatching. Try avoid hatching if you can or at least work on it, if you like parallel shading styles, try keep all the lines facing the same direction, if you cant then find a bigger pencil so you can just plot in the values without any problems like a block of charcoal or pastel.

    That's my 5cents
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