Insides of a pig (pretty similair to a human btw) [Gore]

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    Insides of a pig (pretty similair to a human btw) [Gore]

    well, we dicected a pig @ biology class yesterday. i made about 15 pics, 5MP of size, photobucket sized them down, if you want the big-ass ones, leave a message/pm me, i will mail them asap.

    On with the pics:

    Still intact

    Blurry, after the fist slice:

    Sliced even more:

    Stumic open, everything still intact

    the Heart:


    Open brain surgery ^^

    Brains are a snot like substance, allthough i wouldnt advise it in a painting, 99% of the ppl think brains are rather solid, and they wouldnt understand what is is.

    No more heart, loughns, toughn.

    Close up:

    Removing the eye:

    most bits:

    Hope you liked it or found it helpfull.

    (23:41:52) (ArneLurk) I woner of there are people who have hairy penises
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    Very nice photos, real usefull.

    This reminds me of my course when I disected a dog-shark and a baby deer. I knew I should have taken pictures.

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