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    Exclamation I think I'm sadly disallusioned!!!

    hello everyone, this is going to be a tragically personal post so if you don't want to read about someone's dreams, then I totally understand you moving on... For those of you still with us here's the dilemma. I recently graduated college with a bachelor's in Anthropology/Sociology and began working as a case manager. I thought helping people was the path for me, and that I would be truly happy...I was sadly mistaken, and it's causing me to take stock of my life. I realize that the only thing that brings me real joy is design/character creation. I love reading, finding, discussing, and analyzing new styles and attempting them. I never really worked hard at it because I didn't expect to make it a career. So I'm tragically out of shape and can't draw one as well (bad pun) I'm intending to go back to school and try my hand at a Visual Arts major. I would love to turn my dream/childish fantasy/burning desire into some kind of a career. I am intensely interested in going into Character design/Concept design. My question is basically am I crazy for trying to throw myself into a field I know little about. I can draw but no where near the level of half the people here, but I don't know what schools to look to or what sites to visit to increase my knowledge, and how to position myself to get a good job, could I get a bit of advice?

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    Of course you're crazy. We're all a bit mad here .

    The only way to position yourself to get a good job is to be damn good at what you want to do, and network like mad.

    I've no clue what I'm doing, so every few days I Google painting techniques and fantasy artists, and get lost in the vastness of information available.

    Draw every day.

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    "Crazy" would be going into a career that you don't like. If you like what you do and you enjoy going to work every day, then I'd say you've found the right career.

    I'd advise maybe taking some art classes on the side, make sure it's really what you want to do. If it is then go with it. If you want to get good at art, you can.
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    Sounds like you're having a hard time adjusting to adulthood...

    First, what are your financial goals in life?
    Don't expect to be living anything approaching "the good life" as a character design artist, until you claw and fight your way up to the top eschelon.

    I'm sure El Coro, Hideyoshi, Android, Marco, and others will tell you that even up there in the ethersphere of "Top Pros," they are not necessarily living "Champaigne dreams..."

    And, sad but true, you cannot educate Talent.
    Skill? Oh hell yes! But being "mediocre" in this Industry will only put you into a VERY vast sea, full of competitors who already CAN draw fantastically.

    Your love of character design and drawing is commendable. Don't give up on it.

    But don't toss away a LOT of your time and money that you have already invested in what (I assume) was your CHOICE of college major when you started.

    Gee, it's not quite the exciting career you imagined. Welcome to the REAL World. It seldom to never is or will be, unless you truly dedicate yourself to it with a passion that underlies your every heartbeat.

    Instead of abandoning what you've worked for, with the illusion that the grass is greener over on some other hill (it REALLY isn't), why don't you put some effort into incorporating art into Anthropology/Sociology?

    Anthropologists need artists, too, you know. They need people who understand the science, but are artistic enough to render how people or cultures might have looked back when. Sociology and Art have a VERY well established relationship, with studies written on counselling and art, Community organizing and art, etc.

    You're in the Big League, now, kid. Time to buck up and be responsible for your choices, and accountable for your actions.
    It's hard, don't let anyone tell you different. But it's also SO exciting and rewarding to stick to the mundane and put up with the day-to-day as the "responsible and mature" adult, but then figure out how to incorporate the youthful, carefree, and passionate you into the equasion...

    Trust. You'll be FAR happier and established in 10 years than if you start over again, at a career that you will only be one of a large number of "wannabes" who ALL "love reading, finding, discussing, and analyzing new styles and attempting them..."

    THAT's why forums like this one exist.
    Establish your priorities in life. Drawing's fun, but not the best way to make a living. Almost EVERYBODY likes to draw, and wishes we could get paid for it...

    Best of success to you, whatever you choose.

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    Why not stick to what you earned your degree in and do art as a hobby? Who knows, show your work enough on here, follow videos and advice, and you might get noticed. This field requires dedication from the get go and I don't think many late-bloomers make it. I've been in further and higher education for 6 years and I still feel like i'm not good enough yet to even sell my things (plus drawing since I was 2 or 3 year old). So if you want to join the field, at least be aware of the risk.

    I like madster's idea of combing the two fields. But ultimately its your choice.

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    you may want to post some work to give us an idea of where you're at now.

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    AN ARTISTIC CAREER ISNT LIKE OTHER ONES, youre going to have to put in long obsessive hours, into study and practice before you get anywhere at all, and for at least a few yeas you will have to drop all other commitments if you wanna get the study youll need. its gonna seem like all sacrifice for and the pay off may never come. ive alreadly made my decision and for me at least i dont know what the future will hold, having fuck loads of determination and dedication may not be enough.

    if you have a family to support or other similar commitments its not a god idea to gamble their lives to as you have probably may years of study and financial uncertanty ahead of you seen as you are only really getting started. its never too late to start but you will need to invest at least 10,000 hours to make any real progress.

    might be wise to evaluate your personality too first, do you give up easily, are you easily distracted, are you a fast learner, these things will really matter as your belief in yourself will falter every now and again......

    sounds to me like the real question you should be asking is is a career in art really what i want? you should want to do it no matter what, even if you never get paid or ´make it´
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    Never is too late to take art seriously.
    Never is too early to take art seriously.

    10,000 hours to make any real progress:

    1 year = 8.765.8 h.
    You need at least 2 years of working non-stop on this to get a job where you will work non-stop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rattsang View Post
    AN ARTICTIC CAREER ISNT LIKE OTHER ONES, youre going to have to put in long obsessive hours, into study and practice before you get anywhere at all, and for at least a few yeas you will have to drop all other commitments if you wanna get the study youll need.
    Yes, it's a very cold mistress indeed (sorry, your typo made it a bit more humorous)

    But good points all around.

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