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Thread: Collecting Payment.

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    Collecting Payment.

    How do you get clients to pay up on freelance work that has long since been finished without coming-off too abrasive and losing out on potential future work?
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    One would think that you could get as abrasive with them as you could. I mean... wouldn't other companies understand that you hadn't been paid for a job that you did?

    In situations like this... I say, "Do what my Mom would do."
    In which case... she would probably become a massive thorn in there ass that would only come out until it was resolved.

    -toasty =)
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    I work in collections for Dun & Bradstreet so I may be able to help. Call and ask to speak with the President or CEO to see if he is aware of the situation. Shit rolls downhill so start at the top. If he doesn't want to talk he'll tell you WHO to talk to. They will be obligated to give you an answer if the CEO told you to talk to them. Be firm but open to suggestions. Suggest they make a good faith payment or payment arrangement. If they will not accept your calls or talk to you take the next step. Things to consider are what state is it in, how much and how old?

    What State - each state has been changing laws recently and many of them protect the debtor more than you.

    How much - if it's under $5K lots of co. will play games because they know you won't take it to court because an attorney will cost more that the claim.

    How old - every month you wait to get your money decreases your chances of getting paid. If it's over a year old, your chance of getting paid is less than 30%.

    What to do - Write a final letter detailing what the company owes you. Add any finance charges or late fees for every month overdue. (should not exceed 1.5%/month and can ONLY be charged on the principle) Have the letter delivered CERTIFIED MAIL - RETURN RECEIPT.

    In the letter set an exact deadline for them to pay and tell them if you do not get paid in full or a payment arrangement made you will take further action. And they will be responsible for ANY and ALL charges incurred in the collection of the past due account.

    If they don't pay - PM me and I'll run a scan on them for you to see if I can get some inside info. After that you can place them for collections with me, if you want, on a contingent basis. Any fees will be based on what we collect for you.

    Hope that helps.
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    Ronin's explaination was pretty good but here's what I would do if they refuse to pay me:

    blow up their mail box, leaving a ransom note in the wreckage.

    spray paint their car (especially good if you know how to draw penises very well ^^) and their house, then call the cops and claim their obsene decorations are "taumatizing to your young and fragile mind."

    Order 200 pizzas for the company; if the company doesn't pay for the pizzas they'll be black listed in the pizza industry.

    Challenge the CEO in a "double or nothing" Hell in a Cell wrestling match.

    Set a barrel on fire and pay bums to picket around it.
    Have the words on the pickets say stuff like "No pay, No play

    Wait till the CEO is inside the toilet and pull the fire alarm, so the sprinklers come on while he's taking a dump. Before the can get up, run in and take a photo of him all wet, trying to pull up his pants and haveing a "brown substance" leaking from underneath him.

    During an important meeting with another company, make a bomb threat inside the build. They'll have to evacuate. Once they're outside, dress up like one of the employees and sock the other company's rep, then write "I wantz my dole" on his face with marker.

    ok seriouly don't try those.
    "BANG! You're dead Max Payne."
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