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    Some conte stuff...

    Some conte studies from class the other night..


    Some conte stuff...


    Some conte stuff...

    and Figure:

    Some conte stuff...
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    Shmendrick Guest

    Nice work! I especially like the hand studies. Here's some of my lame advice for what it's worth:

    It's difficult when you break out your box of conte to know where to start applying color. It's overwhelming to stare down at all those colors and think okay which color do I pick up first. Using a colored paper(like you did) is a definate plus. Try working with only three colors at first. I started using the three primaries(red, yellow, and blue). It'll look a bit wierd but you'll start understanding little by little how to apply them. Once you've got a grasp on that continue working with a limited pallette. I've been working with color for many years now and I still use a limited pallette.

    The face on the top is an extremely difficult angle to work with. Straight on facial poses sometimes come out looking flat. You've done a wonderful job describing the planes of the face even with the pose.

    The last drawing looks like it needs to be twice that size considering the texture of the paper. I like to stand up when I'm drawing with conte so I can work the whole paper. Standing is good because you can step away from the drawing far enough so that the figure on your paper and the actual model are the same size. That way you can compare proportions easily and still step back and draw without interupting your creative flow.( I learned that from Jason Manley)

    Keep posting. I'd love to see more.


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    Thanks Shmendrick.. Your right about all those beautiful colors in my conte box. I just wanted to use them all! Although the guy had some cool lighting on him and that may have added to my coloring. Limiting my pallette to just a few colors is a good idea. It has been since high school since I actually used conte and probably since college since I used a model so this was a very good thing for me to get in on. I'm going to start some figure drawing sessions once a week and I feel pretty damn good about that. Although I've done a bit of it in the past but, like I said, it's been a while.. it is good to check your head sometimes and start out new things.. or get reaquainted with the old

    Thanks for the comments and advice. Perhaps you will see more in the not so distant future. I'm really happy to be doing these studies again. Onward and Upward!

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