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Thread: Hi. :x

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    Hi. :x


    Obviously, I'm new to this place, and because of that, I'm scared of everyone. My name's Ashley, and I'm an 18 year old female currently near the end of my first (and unfortunately, disasterous) quarter as a game art and design student at AICALA.

    I joined CA because as much as I'd love to get the pictures in my head out on paper, I just can't do it yet. While my best art doesn't consist entirely of stick figures, it leaves much to be desired. That's right...when it comes to traditional art, I'm the epitome of n00bness. However, I'm just not satisfied with staying that way.

    I also joined because I want to get over this stigma I have. I guess I'm used to being too analytical, and to an extent, have become my own worst enemy. In a sense, I'm too scared to draw, sketch, or anything, because it annoys me how shitty it looks when I do it. I'm afraid of having to show someone my sketchbook and thinking a pre-schooler did it. I'm afraid of trying my best to become a good artist only to end up being mediocre at best.

    Lastly, I joined so I can actually become friends with some artists. I'm pretty much stuck by myself a lot and it sucks ass. :|

    At the very least, I know what style I'm looking to specialize in (realism - sci-fi/fantasy), and I'm leaning towards being a concept artist(characters mostly, but I wouldn't mind doing items and environments) or character modeler (leaning back on network or ai programmer in case my artistic retardation never improves).

    So uh, hi.

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    velcome to our evil shanctuary!

    mmm wat archetype are you? myself--i consider myself to be the "McDonalds Archetype"

    profound if you wanna chat

    peace - form

    oh 18m btw

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    Can you show some of your stuff maybe?
    I guess you will get more specific replies then.

    For the visualization problem you can try to do rough sketches.

    They don't have to look great. The "get the pictures in one's head out on paper"
    is a very common problem.
    For general tips on how to practice you can search the forums
    You have to be analytical. Just keep the theory/practice ratio reasonable.

    I think I know the feeling of being "too scared to draw".
    I never get the proportions right and it seems like a curse to me.
    I wrote this as a kind of therapy
    Maybe there's something you find interesting ... !?

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    good to have you here. :chug:
    the best way to break the ice about your fear of posting your art is to just DO it =)
    you may get some hard crits, but if they are constructive, you should be able to learn alot here, i know i have.

    so please let us have a look!


    I wont fail now

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    Thanks, y'all. I've been taking a look around for a little while and I'm already starting to feel better about the place. As for an art example, I have a couple of drawings but I'd have to scan them tomorrow at school.

    form_n_focus: I'm an Awkward Archetype...I think.

    Signature: The links are much appreciated. I'll look at them immediately. To be honest, I was completely oblivious to proportion until recently. It seems kinda complicated to me, but it's one of the main things I try to practice whenever I actually do draw something.

    I honestly don't have too many examples other than what I'll be posting tomorrow (or rather, later on today), but hopefully I'll be posting more once I get more comfortable with my drawing.

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