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    i cant seem to get focused on my art, I am usually in the mood to draw, but when i get to my paper all i can think of is a blank page. And my mind goes blank with it. I'm wondering how i can get focused on drawing more, instead of every once in awhile.

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    What works for focus is drawing daily, at least one hour.
    It's easiest when you set yourself a special time where you will do art. Working on different projects or with different mediums helps you to not get annoyed. Set yourself goals what you want to achieve.
    I can get easily focused by having a clock next to me which I set on 30 minutes.. and in these 30 minutes I am not allowing myself to chat, browse, search for music or any of those things that usually interrupt me. (a lot of people get more inspired when there are interesting and distracting things around them thought)

    When you start, do some life drawing to get you in the right mood. Anything will do for a warm-up sketch, a cup, your hand, a photo.
    If it still doesn't work, try to do some 30 sec sketches at - you don't have time to think how you just messed up that pose and you get in a good, fast drawing rhythm

    If your mind is still blank, push the pencil around with nothing in mind and see where it will take you - don't draw anything specific, just keep on doing this. Maybe after half an hour you'll get the inspiration to do something out of these.
    Or smear paint on a paper, do random structures, inkblots or coffeestains and let them dry. When you look at them again, try to see something in them and paint on it again.
    Make little drawings or paintings on post-its, variations of one theme or very simple things (20 little robots, 15 dumb faces, 10 views out of a window).
    Keep your old sketches around so that you can color them when you are absolutely not in the mood for drawing.
    Get a small book with you where you note all your ideas - mine lies next to my bed and I write stuff in it when I am half asleep or when I wake up from dreams. The funkiest ideas are in that book.
    Do something that you rarely do, take photos, sculpt, make a doll.

    Make anything, but don't stare at that piece of paper and expect that you get sudden inspiration.
    I just took a break to post this.
    But sometimes I also draw stuff

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    Personally I got rid of my tv. Did wonders for my focus since tv is no longer an alternative to actually getting something accomplished. Another plus side is I save money on cable. I can get all the tv shows I absolutely MUST watch online for free and then I'm only watch the couple shows I love and not channel surfing. . I watch two to three hours of tv a week depending on the time of year (Battlestar, Lost, Heroes), actually without commercials it's less really. I was SHOCKED at how much time I spent just flipping channels and not watching anything in particular once I got rid of the tv and had all this new free time.
    The internet is still a distraction but I try to be aware of how much time I spend on the computer. But if I had no internet I'd have no ConceptArt and that'd be bad. So I just try to monitor myself. When I start randomly googling words to learn stupid facts I know it's time to kick myself off.
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    Stop posting threads and just go DRAW. We already told you million ways to focus on IRC. Get off irc, get the books and draw in a place where you have a desk, paper and pencil. Give yourself assignments too, 'i will only do something else if i'm done drawing that vase'.

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    To get focused? You mean inspiration? Listen to music, watch a movie, read a book, go outside, go to a coffee shop, go for a drive. Trust me this world is too beautiful to not be inspired you just have to go out and do something to spark your mind sometimes.

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    /shrug. it depends on the person a lot. Emotional things can really screw up my focus, personally. If I'm overly anxious or depressed over something, forget being productive. I have to deal with those things before I can do anything very involved. Also, physical issues can easily get in the way of motivation in much the same way as the emotional ones. It's all a matter of juggling those things and keeping one's self from distractions. All things considered, you would wonder how we manage to do anything complex as a species. ;P

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